Why You Should Embrace Vintage Fashion and How to Pull it Off

Have you ever watched a film set in the 1930s and couldn’t help but envy some of the character’s clothes? Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself? Do you want to invest in a more sustainable wardrobe?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then vintage clothing might just be for you. Here’s are some more reasons to embrace vintage clothing and tips to help you embrace the style.

Reasons to Go Vintage

One major reason why vintage clothing is a great idea is that you can get some quality pre-loved pieces to add to your wardrobe. Buying pre-owned clothing is more sustainable as those materials are getting a new lease of life.

You can also get some much higher quality clothing for cheaper prices. Clothing nowadays isn’t designed to last, but vintage clothing was. A good leather jacket, for example, can last for decades. But a poorly made jacket made with plastic can start to look shabby after only a couple of years.

Vintage clothing is also undeniably stylish. You can create a signature look with a vintage piece or two. Some people even base their whole wardrobe around vintage clothing. The fact is, vintage never goes out of style.

Tips for Going Vintage

If you want good-quality vintage clothing, then you may have to shop around. Look in small, local businesses so that you can support them. You might find some real diamonds in the rough. Once you’ve found your pre-loved treasure, then be sure to take it to the dry-cleaners before you wear it.

You can also buy new clothing designed from vintage styles, using vintage methods. Engineered garments styles, for example, are based on classic materials but with a modern, playful flair. This way, you can nod to vintage clothing while still wearing clothes that don’t clash with the rest of your wardrobe. You can get modern clothes that will last as well, as long as you use trusted brands.

Some people put off going vintage because they’re worried that their wardrobe, while stunning, leans more towards a costume than an appropriate outfit. You might love the costume look and embrace the idea of looking as though you’ve just wandered from the 1930s into the modern world. If so, then good for you.

However, there are ways to wear vintage clothes without looking like you’re wearing a costume. For example, there’s no reason why your outfit should all originate from the same decade. Your vintage jacket can be paired with modern clothes, and it becomes a signature rather than a costume piece. Even a piece of vintage jewelry can make your outfit look classic without overwhelming it.

You could also find vintage clothing that looks like clothing designed for modern trends. It’s surprisingly easy to do this, as many current trends are based on vintage styles. Recently, the 1990s have had a comeback, and some styles never really go out of fashion. The little black dress, for example, has been an integral part of many women’s wardrobes for almost 100 years.

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