Experience the new album from Mike Dean

Seminal producer, artist, seven-time Grammy Award winner, and Moog loyalist Mike Dean has released a new album, the fifth installment of his annual 4:20 series, titled “4:24”.

A masterclass in compositional arrangements, synth, and guitar playing, “4:24” constructs the next level of the incredible world-building soundscapes Dean started with “4:20”.

The songs are textured and psychedelic, filled with surprising sonic twists that rarely keep the listener in one place for long. It’s a well-earned moment in the spotlight for one of popular music’s most pivotal behind-the-scenes figures.

Renowned for providing the secret sauce to the world’s biggest artists, Mike Dean is the go-to when they need a veteran producer’s touch, a keen ear for engineering and mixing, or even a searing guitar solo. His career began in the early 90s with legacy-making work for southern rap icons-and fellow Texas natives Scarface, UGK, and Devin the Dude.

Since then, Mike Dean has evolved to blend hip-hop, pop, experimental rock, and soul into a potent concoction that’s both malleable and uniquely his own.

Click Here to Listen to 4:24

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