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How To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe?

Fashion is an art form, a way to express your style and be creative. There are so many ways to create a new look, no matter what your fashion preferences are. Many aspects of the fashion industry are not very earth-kind, however there are ways that we can change that. To create a sustainable wardrobe, take on board these simple ideas.


1 . Mindful shopping practices


To create a sustainable wardrobe you need to practice mindful shopping habits. Before you purchase a clothing item, think carefully about your decision. The following questions may help:


  • Do I love this clothing item? Mindful shopping is about making careful choices, rather than buying clothing for the sake of it.


  • Is this item worth the price? Consider how much the item costs and the quality, avoid ‘fast fashion’ purchases.


  • Do I have anything similar? (If you’ve already got tonnes of jeans, go for a different clothing item).


  1. Quality all the way


If you want to create a sustainable wardrobe you’ve got to choose quality items that are durable. Go for well established brands that sell quality clothing, and don’t be afraid to pay more for something that’s going to last. Do a bit of research before you make any choices. To find inspiration, sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be very helpful. Check out Chip Packard on Pinterest, here you’ll find plenty of pinned fashion accessories including great deals.


  1. Support green brands


To create an ethical wardrobe it’s important to support green brands. Before you make a purchase research the materials, sustainability commitments and CSR efforts. There are plenty of sustainable fashion brands to support. For a few starting points try Sheep Inc, Bogdar, Patagonia, Bird, or Ren London.


To help you find more sustainable fashion brands try using the Good On You app.

The app lets you search for brands and access info about how green and ethical they are. Good On You gives each brand a rating, and suggests alternative brands if you need them.


  1. Purchase pre-loved clothes


Buying pre-loved clothes is one of the easiest ways to be sustainable. Check out second-hand clothing apps like ThredUp, Depop or Vinted. Shop in vintage stores and thrift stores, to find unique fashion pieces. There are so many benefits to buying pre-loved clothes:


  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and produce less waste.
  • You can find special items that no one else is wearing.
  • Support local vintage stores.
  • Shop in charity stores to give back to a good cause.


  1. Inspirational resources


Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration, to help you become a green fashionista, take a look at these podcasts:


Pre-Loved Podcast


This podcast has plenty of tips about vintage style, and shopping for pre-loved clothes. Host Emily Stloch explores lots of different themes, including sustainable fashion, and the second-hand clothing industry.


Wear Your Values


Throughout these podcast episodes you’ll learn all about the ethical fashion industry, and how you can go green. For all the green fashion tips you could dream of, tune in to Wear Your Values.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can go green and look stylish at the same time.

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