Randi Rahm FW2020 Evolution Couture @randirahm #nyfw

On February 10, 2020, Randi Rahm presented her latest Fall/WINTER Evolution Couture/INK for NYFW 2020 at the PUBLIC Arts space in the PUBLIC Hotel in New York City.

All couture, part late-night happening, and full party, Couture/Ink showcased Rahm’s unrivaled uptown elegance cloaked in the edgy allure of downtown.

“I consider my work part of a fashion evolution, not just in rotating ‘collections’,”

has always been Rahm’s mantra. Couture/Ink was a nightlife infused reflection of her motto.

The guests arrived through the garden entry and descended into the dimly-lit Studio 54 meets Moulin-Rouge inspired PUBLIC Arts space. Passing by the bar dressed in candelabras and ivy, the attendees were wowed by an opening presentation of tattoo design by Anthony Iannucci and starring Rachel Lindsay (ABC’s The Bachelorette).

Rahm’s signature gowns, many inspired by the art of tattoo, dazzled party-goers in their sumptuous dark and gem tones that reflected the mood of the evening.

The surprise couture standout was Rahm’s menswear: diamond embellished tailored shirts, billowing amorphous skirts, golden suits, and purple lined floor-length capes draped in chains and leather embellishments took center stage.

The runway show featured talent of all ages, sizes, and gender identities- with special appearances from guest-artists from the New York City nightlife scene.

From black work to beadwork, Couture/Ink celebrated breathtaking individuality and exacting artistry. Note-worthy attendees included: Rachel Lindsay (ABC’s The Bachelorette), Jill Zarin (Real Housewives of New York), Melanie Moore (SYTYCD Winner), Mary E Bassy (Singer), Cyn Santana (VH1’s Love and Hip Hop), influencer Tammy Hembrow, hair stylist to the stars Chaz Dean, and Broadway’s James Brown III.

The evenings soundtrack was provided by Chew Fu.

In an age where inclusivity teeters on trend, Rahm’s vision centered around self-expression. Couture/Ink reinforced an underlying, unifying message: Peace. Love. Rahm.

Photos by: Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

About Randi Rahm:

A classically trained conductor and concert pianist with degrees in art history and music, Rahm was destined for success in a creative field. Her design vision combines her love of dance, fine art, and music- a pastiche of influences which helped Rahm innovate throughout her career. Rahm has been dressing Hollywood icons, Broadway leads, elegant brides, and power women and men around the world of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years. As one of the last remaining American couture houses, Randi Rahm is proud to be made in New York.

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