Summer by the Sea Art Installation

The Nautilus: Yes, you can touch the art. In fact, your touch will create the art when you interact with The Nautilus, a public art installation from Lincoln and Atlantic Re:think. Created by Michael Szivos and his design studio SOFTlab, The Nautilus features 95 illuminated poles equipped with sensors that respond to the individual touch of each person who engages […]

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Massada Eyewear

Massada goes full way into subconsciousness. Enjoyment of life. Expression of joy. Elaborations on intellectual escapades. Ingenuousness of visual self presentation and thoughtful life reminiscences achieving haute couture extravagance. Total submersion in journey towards understanding. Commitment to filter reality and human existence. Personal gain from culture, content, thought, picture, dialogue, idealism and reflection. INTERSTELLAR SPACE […]

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My Florist is a Dick by Shepard Fairey

According to co-curator of “Facing the Giant: Three Decades of Dissent,” Pedro Alonzo: This work points out society’s blindness to a rigged system and systemic abuse of power. The use of the sinister soldier-like police officer in riot gear mirrors the riots in Ferguson, Missouri caused by the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by […]

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Deejo Pocketknife

Inspired by the timeless tradition and transformative technology in Everyday Carry (EDC) items, Deejo® is excited to bring its custom-made pocket knives to the United States. The new My Deejo design portal will allow those in the United States to design their Deejo, without compromising on quality, timeliness or innovation, in order to create something […]

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