Swizz Beatz on red carpet1 - YRB TV: Swizz Beatz for "Reethym of Lite"

YRB TV: Swizz Beatz for “Reethym of Lite”

Video by Bolade Ogungbuyi

After Tuesday’s Reethym of Lite event, YRB TV was lucky enough to get a few private moments with Swizz Beatz in his dressing room. See what Swizzy had to say about new venture with Reebok, a Basquiat clothing venture with Reebok, future collaborations with DMX and his new artist Sean Cross.

The Reebok Lite collection is currently available in retail outlets around the world for both men and women. The Reethym of Lite TV spot can be viewed on www.WeRClassic.com. – Chenelle Bogle

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