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YRB Interview: Wax

By Stephanie Amy Collazo

Whether you are a fan from Maryland, where he started his career, or are familiar with the Funny or Die video where he is chased down by actor Ryan Phillipe, hip-hop artist WAX is slowly making his presence known to the masses.

Growing up watching artists like NWA and Nirvana on MTV inspired WAX to be the artist he is today. In an attempt to emulate what he was seeing on television, he began playing the guitar and rapping at the age of 9. Starting out alongside his twin brother, known as Herbal T, WAX has since gone the solo route and signed a major record deal with Def Jam.

“The reason I’m not working with him as much is because he’s married and has a kid and has a 9-5 computer job,” WAX explains. “So he’s kind of doing that and he’s happy with that. We still make music together, but I’m kind of in a different place than him in life.”

Inspired by everyday life, WAX’s work could be considered a bit off kilter. Writing about random occurrences in his life, whether it be a breakup or a new love interest, it is sure to charge a creative spark in his mind.

“You never know what’s gonna happen that’s gonna inspire you,” WAX says. “I got a DUI [and] I wrote a bunch of songs about that.”

After moving to California from Maryland, WAX’s music changed significantly. Like many artists, WAX is interested in working with Kanye West or just about any member of the Wu Tang Clan, but surprisingly, he also noted being a long time fan of D’Angelo. But the sunny surroundings and beach scenery lightened the tone of his music. Surrounding himself with more comedians than musicians, it is only appropriate that he has gone the comedic route with his lyrics and music videos.

“I don’t think I’m cool, I’m not fresh, I’m not fly. I just think shit is funny,” WAX says. “A lot of people think being funny and goofy is corny, but you know I think some of the stuff that people do when they are trying to be fly is corny, so I just make fun of myself. I don’t take myself seriously.”

Not one to think too far into the future, WAX is unsure of when he will be releasing his first full-length album. Though he has half of the content, the new artist is waiting to release an album until he gains a larger fan base.

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