YRB Interview: Siggy Flicker


By Jessica Caballero

This fall, VH1 premiered a dating show unlike any other. Why Am I Still Single?, hosted by the gorgeous Siggy Flicker along with her crew of love recruiters and stylists, shot to the top of ratings – and with good reason. The fast-talking and blunt Siggy, who refers to herself as The Anti-Millionaire Matchmaker, tells it like it is without putting her clients down and draining their self-esteem. YRB caught up with the new reality show host to talk about how she got into matchmaking, the show, clients, her personal life and much more.


YRB: Where did your passion for matchmaking come from?

Siggy: My passion came at a very young age. I’ve always been very passionate about love. Just sitting in front of the T.V. watching West Side Story and watching The Sound of Music, I’ve always been in love with love. I don’t think life is worth living without being in love or at least loving. And I found myself marrying who I thought [at the time] was Prince Charming and moving to Florida, and I gave birth to two beautiful kids and later on in life I felt that we were growing apart and I got very, very upset about it. Then I went to the movie theatre, and ironically, The Notebook was out, so when I saw Ryan Gosseling and Rachel McAdams’ beautiful story I just broke down. I went home, and at the time I was married to Mark, an unbelievably beautiful, wealthy, gorgeous, Jewish man from Long Island, which gave me everything that every girl dreams of. But, you know, we grew apart and there was no more passion, no more chemistry, and I couldn’t go on living that way. And I came to Mark and I said, “You know, I love you and you love me, we love each other but we’re not a good married couple.” So we started [the process] of the divorce with no attorney and remained friends.


YRB: Well, that’s good that you two remained friends, especially for the kids.

Siggy: Oh, the kids are great! ‘Mommy and daddy grew apart and suddenly Michael wanders in.’ But, you know, of course with kids it’s hard, but I have to say I don’t want to live with that empty feeling and I had to practice what I preach. And I went out there and I dated and dated and dated, and I’m happy to say that I’m married again this May to the love of my life. I found my “notebook.” If I can do it, anybody can do it.


YRB: Did you know that helping people out with their dating lives was something you always wanted to do?

Siggy: I’ve always been doing it. It just comes second nature to me. I started working with a company five years ago and I started making money, but when I was in Florida I always gave people advice. People would hire me to be a life coach, dating coach, a matchmaker, anything. I would help out personals and then I started running one of the offices in Manhattan, and it just [escalated] from there. Some people are very magical in certain areas. Me? It’s always been staying true to my intuitive feelings, and guess what, my philosophy about life is very simple. And I think anything that is simple stupid makes sense. Any time somebody comes up to you and you think, “Hmm, I don’t think so. Something is not right about this.” It’s usually not right. And everything about love and dating has become so complex. All these matchmakers out there giving you advice: ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do that.’ It’s all a bunch of bologna.

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  1. I would take Steve Ward’s ego-crushing put downs over Siggy Flicker’s pseudo matchmaking any day. (She sure is hot, tho…)