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YRB Interview: MO7

MO7 is a full collection of sportswear from knits and woven tops to bottoms, outerwear and footwear.  The N.Y.-native brand is sold to most of the major mid tier chains in the United States, with Burlington being their number one retailer.  By no means a run of the mill label, MO7 is featured at all of the major trade shows around the country.  We sat down with the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Peter Macaluso, to get the behind the scenes scoop on the up-and-coming brand.


YRB: How old is the MO7 brand?

Macaluso: MO7 is 4 years old as of October 5th and the footwear division is about a year and a half old.  The footwear division was started because we had a really big success with MO7 in sportswear and the specialty stores were asking for footwear from us since Geoffrey Allen Corporation, which owns us, is an extremely large footwear company.


YRB: Why an all men’s line?

Macaluso: Men’s has been the main thrust of the company for 35 years.  Being that my experience has been men’s for 30 years, we decided to start where the strength is.


YRB: Who do you see wearing your line?

I see the trendy street kid who has a little bit of an urban flare, who’s not afraid to step out and be a little bit more fashionable.  MO7 is fabric, trims, accessories and doing something a little bit different, a little bit to the left of what you would see out there.


YRB: What retailers carry MO7?

Macaluso: Burlington would be our biggest tier one store, [followed by] DrJays in N.Y.C. would be the biggest breadth of product, in fact he was just letting me know yesterday that our goods sell in California [and] New York extremely well, [as well as] with the armed forces overseas.  He did our [top] 15 location breakdown and the armed forces overseas was the number three or number four on there, so even MO7 is known overseas.


YRB: What are some staple pieces in your line?

Macaluso: Denim is the number one fabric we run.  That’s been the biggest success we started with four years ago.  We started to do different fabrics, washes, finishes and different specs.  From a 514 cut in Levi’s to a 511, which is a real skinny, to a 501, depending on what part of the country that we sell to, is depending on which of the six that they buy.  The number two thing that we are known for is the woven shirts, they are more than just a core one-pocket woven shirt. We do different trims with some color blocking, plaid and solid mix fabrics.  There is always something a little bit different.


YRB: Are you considering opening a storefront?

Macaluso: Just in the past two weeks we were talking about opening a store in California.  Geoffrey Allen Corporation, being the corporate umbrella, has a junior company out in California. They do mostly private label goods and they have a store in California.  The partner talked to us about opening a store out [there] since the brand has become pretty well known around the United States.


YRB: Would you consider branching out into women’s apparel? 

Macaluso: The specialty stores have asked us to do a small women’s line, so for fall we will have a little capsule of MO7.  It will be a couple of trendy bottoms, trendy tops and some outerwear.

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