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YRB Interview: Korallreven

YRB: Are there any electronic artists you’d like to work with?

Marcus: I don’t know, really. We’ll see.

YRB: You will be releasing your first LP, An Album, November 15. What can fans expect from the album? 

Marcus: They can expect to be surprised.  I hope that it shows a bigger picture.

YRB: How is the full-length album different from your previous mixtapes?

Marcus: I think it’s pretty close to them.  I think that’s what we tried to do – make them like a teaser.  But maybe the mixtapes are a bit more upbeat, maybe we will change that for the live show – make things a bit more upbeat.

YRB: The first 200 copies of your album are on white and silver “haze vinyl,” what made you decide to do this?

Marcus: It just felt truly beautiful, and [it is] something special for those who really want to buy it quick.

YRB: Any new mixes in the works?

Marcus: Not really. We are working on a new track that may come out early next year.

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