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YRB Interview: Jared Evan

By Michael Andronico

At the age of 22, rapper/singer/producer Jared Evan is already a veteran musician. Picking up drums at an early age, Evan was just as influenced by classic rock in his younger years as he was by hip-hop and soul later on. A true hybrid musician, the Long Island-raised Evan garnered buzz for himself with a series of mixtapes combining his love for all genres of music. Evan’s brand new album The 4th Chapter marks his first official release, and takes the singer/rapper into even bolder, more lyrically honest territory. We spoke with Evan about growing up near NYC, what his favorite artists are, and what exactly The 4th Chapter is all about.

YRB: You just put out your debut album The 4th Chapter. How has the reception been?

Jared: So crazy, it’s awesome.

YRB: Is there a particular meaning behind the title?

Jared: Yeah, there’s a song on the album called “The 4th Chapter” that basically explains it all.

YRB: Yea, I noticed that the song goes through your entire musical history. Is there something you’ve done on this record that you’ve never tried before?

Jared: I’m bolder than I’ve ever been. I’ve never written the way I wrote on this album.

YRB: You’re originally a drummer. How does that affect the kind of music you make now?

Jared: What I learned from being a drummer bled into other areas. The rhythm that you get from drumming goes with you into other fields. There’s emotion in playing an instrument. That emotion came with me when I started to write and produce.

YRB: You grew up in Great Neck, Long Island. Has growing up in the NY area affected your style?

Jared: Yea, definitely. Growing up outside NYC meant I was always able to be there quickly. Manhattan is the most culturally influential place in the world. I get so much inspiration just walking around the city. Seeing things there has definitely affected my music.

YRB: What have you been listening to lately?

Jared: I listen to a lot of old stuff like James Brown, you know, classic stuff. But as far as new artists go, I’ve been listening to Childish Gambino, Action Bronson, Drake, and Adele. Those are some artists right now that I’d love to work with.

YRB: Any plans for this year as far as touring and recording?

Jared: Yea, I’m locking in a tour in September with Hoodie Allen, who’s also from Long Island and a good friend of mine.  I’m actually working on other albums already. In addition to my own album I’m working on a collaboration with Static Selector, who’s a really dope hip-hop producer. I’m shooting to have my next album out in October.

YRB: Looks like you’re keeping real busy all year. Any last words for your fans?

Jared: Thank you guys for giving me the time. YRB itself has always been a big influence on my culturally. To my fans, they can follow me on Twitter @JaredEvan and communicate with me whenever they want. Thank you.

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