infected mushroom 10 - YRB Interview: Infected Mushroom

YRB Interview: Infected Mushroom

infected mushroom 10 - YRB Interview: Infected Mushroom

By Michael Andronico

Israeli electro/trance veterans Infected Mushroom have been part of the dance scene since 1997. Comprised of producers Erez Eisen and Amit “DuvDev” Duvdevani, Infected Mushroom have adapted to all spectrums of sound over their decade-plus career. This evolution continues on their newly released Army of Mushrooms, which features rowdy club single “U R So Fucked” and a cover of the Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender.” We spoke with DuvDev (pictured right) about the new record, their upcoming 3D concert tour, and what it’s like to be veterans in a new generation of electronic artistry.

YRB: You just released Army of Mushrooms. How does it compare to your older records?

DuvDev: This album is more in tune with what’s going on at the moment. Lots of dubstep and drum and bass. It’s a pretty diverse album with a lot of electronic influences.

YRB: What’s your favorite song on the record?

DuvDev: My favorite is the Foo Fighters cover, because it’s super different from what we usually do.

YRB: What are some other things you’ve tried for the first time on Army of Mushrooms?

DuvDev: The dubstep side has never been done before by us.We did a lot of things that aren’t typical Infected Mushroom. Much more psychedelic.

YRB: What can you tell us about your upcoming 3D concert series? (preview here)

DuvDev: It’s a massive structure. It’s a 3D animation that we’ve been working on for one and a half years with Vita Motus Design Studio in Los Angeles. We have the debut show in Ma and we start touring late July around the country.

YRB: What can fans expect from the experience?

DuvDev: It’s an amazing video and story. There are lots of tracks that have never been played before. The structure itself is amazing. Gigantic screens floating around. A lot of technology in the show. It’s really an all-new 3D electronic experience.

YRB: Do you have anything planned this year other than the tour and album?

DuvDev: We’ve got some collaborations lined up when we have the time. There’s just a lot, a lot going on with the tour. Touring, album, and whatever else we can fit.

YRB: So it’s going to be a busy year.

DuvDev: Yeah (laughs).

YRB: How would you compare the electronic music scene now with how it was when you got started?

Well, it’s completely different. There’s the mainstream pop side of it now. Productions are getting so commercial that you can take the sound around the world. There’s a new generation of producers doing really good music. It’s the future, and well see where it takes us.

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