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YRB Interview: Eva Simons

By Michael Andronico

Although she exploded onto the U.S. dance scene with 2010’s “Take Over Control,” Dutch singer-songwriter Eva Simons has been a musician all of her life. Growing up in Amsterdam with a musical family, Simons performed as part of the all-girl group Raffish before pursuing a solo career. Now a familiar face in America, Simons released a new single “I Don’t Like You” in March and is currently on the “Sorry For Party Rocking” tour with party-jam giants LMFAO. We spoke with Simons about her musical upbringing, her in-studio recording rituals, and where this year is taking her on her musical journey.

YRB: How are you enjoying New York?

Eva: I like New York. I’m from Amsterdam and the people are kind of alike. Everyone’s very direct and has a good sense of humor.

YRB: You grew up with a musical family. What are some of your first memories of music?

Eva: It was always all music. Just the vibe of going with your mom to one of her rehearsals. You’re sitting in the cafeteria and you hear bass drumming. The smell of dirty jazz sessions; Those are my first memories. Lots of backstages. That whole vibe.

YRB: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Eva: My mom is one of my main influences. She’s a singer and did house music, background vocals, studio work, all of these things. Watching her work and seeing how professional she was showed me how to do it. It’s great that she can sing, but she also showed me how the industry works. It’s a business also, its not very fancy, but it’s a business. It’s especially tough when you’re a girl in this industry, so having her really helped me know what to do.

YRB: How does the pop scene in Amsterdam compare to the one in America?

Eva: It’s way bigger here. So many more opportunities. I’m a go-getter, and here’s where you get it.

YRB: Speaking of opportunity, you’re about to embark on tour with LMFAO. How are you feeling about that?

Eva: I’m ecstatic. This is not only a a tour with one of the biggest artists at the moment, but it’s in the US! And I’ve got the identity tour straight after that. It’s going to be an awesome year, man.

YRB: How’s the recording process for your album going?

Eva: I’m working with several producers, a lot of young kids as well. People say “you work with so and so, that’s so great.” But the young kids I’m working with right now, they’re going to be the next Afrojack. It’s exciting to be part of that movement.

YRB: Do you have a certain routine when you record?

Eva: I do all the things I shouldn’t do. I’m drinking coffee, milk, screaming too loud, chewing gum. Just the worst|! (laughs)

YRB: When can fans expect an album from you?

Eva: Summer is what we’re aiming for. We’re almost there, just picking the songs that are going to make it. After tour, its going to be like “Boom! In your face!”

YRB: Who are some artists you’d like to work with?

Eva: I’m really into Azealia Banks, she’s got some swag. If we did a song together, it’d be like Eve and Gwen Stefani.

YRB: What else do you have planned for the future?

A lot more festivals. When the album comes out I want to do bigger shows. I want to go live all the way and next year be touring with my band and get a real, live electronic thing going on.

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