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YRB Interview: Electric Flower

By Stephanie Amy Collazo

Electric Flower is the brainchild of musical talents Imaad Wasif and Josh Garza.  In a somewhat cosmic reunion in L.A. three years after meeting on BBC music show, Top of the Pops, the two began working on the track “Circles,” which turned into the first song off of their self-titled debut album.  While taking a break from working on their first full-length album, Imaad took some time out to tell YRB a bit about the duo’s EP, set to release November 8, and upcoming tour plans.


YRB: How did you get your start in music?

Imaad: I grew up in the dessert out by Joshua Tree [California] and started playing in bands when I was about 14/15.


YRB: How did you and Josh meet?

Imaad: We met on Top of the Pops, actually. We were both there playing.  Josh was playing with Secret Machines, and at the time, I was touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


YRB: How would you describe your sound?

Imaad: It’s modern.  [We are] influenced by Japanese group sounds, East Indian [and] German music. It’s part psychedelic.  A little bit motoric, which is very German rhythmic.


YRB: What are some of your musical influences?

Imaad: It’s wide-ranging.  Jimmy Page, in terms of a guitar player.  We are [also] really into Flower Travellin’ Band [and] Bob Dylan.


YRB: How did you come up with the name Electric Flower? Does it have a special meaning?

Imaad: It’s sort of a combination of a couple of the bands we love.  Like Hendrix’s record Electric Ladyland and this band in Japan called Flower Travellin’ Band.


YRB: Going from a solo act to a two-piece band, how has it affected the creative process?

Imaad: It’s just a different thing; this is more of a collaboration for me.  When I first started playing with Josh, it just occurred to me that he has a very strong percussive sense and a strong sense of beats.  That’s something that I thought I could really collaborate with in terms of song writing.  When you are putting out solo records you are kind of relying on your own vision for things, and when you collaborate with someone it kind of opens you up to a lot of different new music.


YRB: Would you consider adding any more members?

Imaad: Perhaps – we never know what will happen in the future.  For right now we are at a really great space.


YRB: I read you decided to do a digital release with 500-limited foil stamped red 10-inch vinyl copies. What gave you the idea?

Imaad: I feel like those are the only two valid formats for now and into the future.  I’ve always loved vinyl.  CD’s just seem really obsolete and sort of a waste of resources.


YRB: How does it feel to be nominated for L.A. Artist of the Month?

Imaad: Oh, I didn’t know we were… It feels good.


YRB: What can fans expect from your EP set to release November 8?

Imaad: I really hope that they aren’t going into it with any expectations and are open to just listening to the music.


YRB: After the album drops will you be going on a corresponding tour?

Imaad: Yeah, we will probably be doing shows all over the world, actually.


YRB: What’s next for Electric Flower?

Imaad: We’re in the studio working on our full-length and we are probably going to follow this EP up with another EP in January.  So January/February expect another EP, and then we’ll be releasing our full-length hopefully April of 2012.

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