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YRB Interview: Ed Sheeran

YRB: The collaboration with Yelawolf just popped up. How did you two link with one another
Ed: I was just a big fan and I reached out and he said yes, so that’s pretty much it. We did four tunes. We actually dropped a video for one of them.

YRB: Are you tinkering with your debut for the U.S.?
Ed: Nah. I created a body of work that I’ve deemed good enough to release in my own country, and I don’t think I should mess with it for anywhere else.

YRB: You tend to look towards your personal life to inspire your songwriting. Is that how it typically goes?
Ed: I don’t really have a process. When I get an idea in my head, when something happens, it kind of moves me. I’ll sit down and write a song. It could come at the weirdest of points, any time of the day, but I don’t really have a process when it comes to it.

YRB: Rupert Grint was in the video for “Lego House.” Was that to poke fun at the emphasis on being redheads?
Ed: Yeah, pretty much. I make serious music and I’m serious about my profession, but I don’t take myself too seriously. And I don’t think you should in this profession. My thing was like, if there’s going to be one thing that people poke fun at, it would be that, so why not just do it before everyone does it and kind of make it cool? The video was very successful and it helped out with the tune, and I think me poking fun at myself in that video was a good move.

YRB: Going on tour with Snow Patrol is a huge gig. Have you always been a big fan?
Ed: Yeah, I can’t wait. I’ve loved their music for years and they’re really nice people, as well. I’ve been hanging out with them quite a bit. Can’t wait.

YRB: Is there someone you’re still dying to go on tour with?
Ed: Nah. I think it’d be really interesting to challenge myself to do an opening slot for someone like Lil Wayne. I’d love to see how that sort of crowd would react.

YRB: Do you think that hip-hop audiences would be hip to your music?
Ed: I think hip-hop audiences who like music will. I’m not sure if some of the kids who follow the trends and fashions would like me, but the hip-hop audiences that I’ve played to are music fans. At the end of the day, they appreciate good music, I think.

YRB: What are you most looking forward to about 2012?
Ed: It’s just America. Basically, that’s this whole journey. I’m piecing together album two, slowly but surely.

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