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YRB Interview: Dawn Richard

YRB: It’s definitely not something you see in pop music often.

Dawn: It’s a risk. People are like “you’re not gonna win that way.” But fuck, winning is doing what you choose to do. My perception of winning is doing what I want. If i’m not doing what I want, what am i doing this for?

YRB: Are you still friends with Diddy?

Dawn: Absolutely. The release was mutual. The respect has always been there. After Diddy Dirty Money I asked, “What do you want to do with me now?” He said “there’s a lot of people on Interscope, you might have to wait 2 years.” I didn’t wanna wait that long. So I think we proved the industry wrong. It’s good to throw shit in peoples faces. I’m proud of them for doing that for me. If you’re the first, you have to make it epic.

YRB: What’s the difference between performing solo and as part of a group?

Dawn: With solo, there’s so much more riding on you. but I’m a Leo, so the challenge is fucking awesome. its rad, because theres no next person to compare you to. I love that, because it’s that much more challenging. But stage is home. It’s my most comfortable place. With them or not, it’s the same feeling – addiction. I’m a drug addict when it comes to that. I’m guilty of falling in love with it. Theres no difference. I think its great to have people on stage to share the dream, But its also fantastic to have that dream share the stage with you.

YRB: Do you still keep in contact with the Danity Kane girls?

Dawn: Yes! I talk to Aubrey (O’Day) all the time. We were so much more than what people perceive that breakup to be. We’re good. We’ve come to an understanding. It was the foundation that broke apart, not us.

YRB: Do you feel like people expect certain things from you because you were once an MTV reality star?

Dawn: I think vie broken that mold. With this EP they respect me in a different way. This separated me from that world. As an artist, writer, dancer, producer, I’m doing all of it. Druski (Armor On Producer) is one of the best I’ve ever worked with even though he’s new. We’ve delivered a complete package. The MTV world is kinda gone. People see me as i am.

YRB: Are you still going to write for other artists?

Dawn: I have a catalogue that’s out of this world. That’s kind of the backup. I wanna write for artists, but it has to make sense. You come in as an artist, and then try to be a writer. Usually its the other way around. That’s gonna be fun, to see people kinda peel back that catalogue. We have leverage now. having people see me as a performer and not just an artist. That’s going to college and getting your honors. You work hard and get in.

YRB: What else do you have planned for 2012?

Dawn: Touring. I just want the fans, no, I hate that word – I just want the hearts to get excited that there’s an artist that wants to give the best of all of it. I’m not gonna settle for giving you a standstill performance. I’m not settling for just giving you dancing. I wanna give the best of all of it.

YRB: Any last words for your fans?

Dawn: Go get the EP on Amazon or iTunes! And look out for Goldenheart, it’s really an epic story. People are understanding that I don’t want to be an artist, I want to be a musical author.

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