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YRB Interview: Benny Benassi

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By Stephanie Amy Collazo


World-renowned DJ/producer Benny Benassi made his first appearance on the U.S. music scene with the release of his 2002 chart topping hit “Satisfaction,” and he hasn’t let us down since. With the release of his latest album Electroman, Benassi has gone above and beyond our expectations.  The album features collaborations with Chris Brown, T-Pain, Jean-Baptiste, Shanell and many more.  One of the first tracks to be released was “Cinema” a song featuring lyrics by U.K. pop-electro singer-songwriter and producer Gary Go.  The original song is catchy as is, but when Skrillex remixed the track adding some dubstep beats it became an instant hit in clubs all around the globe.


YRB: How did you get your start in music?

Benny: I started deejaying when I was a teenager in a club where I lived in a small Italian town, [and] I started producing with my cousin Alle Benassi about 15 years ago.


YRB: What made you step out from behind the scenes of producing to become an artist yourself?

Benny: I started as a DJ, so the productions really just gave me the chance to emerge as a DJ.


YRB: Why did you decide to go the route of electronic music?

Benny: It’s always been my main passion. I listen to all kinds of music, but I am a DJ!


YRB: What musicians inspire your music?

Benny: The main man is Alle!


YRB: Why do you think “Satisfaction” is still a big hit years after its release in 2002?

Benny: It’s not for me to say.


YRB: How has your music progressed since the release of Rock N Rave?

Benny: The Electroman album is a natural development from Rock n Rave. It’s a mixture of songs with great collaborations and club tracks. We just managed to connect with more great singers and lyric writers, so it’s a more mature album, I think.


YRB: On your new album you feature a Skrillex remix of “Cinema.” Do you intend on collaborating with any other dubstep artists in the future?

Benny: I love what Skrillex does and there is a lot of dubstep out there that I’m enjoying, so who can say!


YRB: How do you feel about electro house music becoming more mainstream; e.g. your collaborations with Chris Brown and T-Pain?

Benny: It’s an amazing moment for electro house producers. You know, you do what you do and suddenly you find that it’s pop!


YRB: If you could collaborate with any artists dead or alive who would they be?

Benny: Elvis and Jimi Hendrix would have been great.


YRB: What is your favorite remix that you have worked on to date?

Benny: I like most of them a lot, to be honest. If I have to single out a couple, I guess it would be Public Enemy and Madonna.


YRB: After such a long career where do you plan to take things from here?

Benny: As long as I feel I’m connecting, I’ll keep spinning records and producing with Alle.


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