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YRB Interview: Amber Rose

by Stephanie Collazo

She may have started off as eye-candy, making her way down the red carpet with hip-hop’s finest, but Amber Rose has quickly become a perma-blip on the cultural radar. Currently in a relationship with “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa, Rose is expanding her brand with her first foray into music. With the release of her debut single “Fame,” she’s braved a storm of negative reactions – which only prove the lyrics in the song to be right. Though harshly criticized, Rose will be releasing her next single titled “Loaded” February of this year. While in NYC, Rose took some time out to talk to us about the fame, haters and her acting debut.

YRB: Have you always been interested in becoming a singer?
Amber: I’ve always been interested in music in general. I like to write music. I just felt like it was time for me to break out and finally get in the studio. I brought my music to Wiz and he was just like, “Babe, you really have talent. I think you should really take this seriously and just do it.” He inspired me and I have been in the studio ever since.

YRB: After listening to your new song and reading some of the criticism you have received, what sort of message were you trying to send with this track?
Amber: The song is about the pros and cons of fame. It’s just very appropriate for my life and what I have going on that “Fame” should be the first single, especially featuring Wiz because he’s a very big part of my life. It’s [also] for my Rosebuds and my Rosestuds and the haters. The cons of being famous are the negative comments, people that just don’t want to give you a chance, the scrutiny, the lies, rumors and stuff like that. I guess those people are just proving me right [Laughs]. There’s definitely a plus side to being famous, which is having money to take care of your family, and being able to travel the world and meet a lot of great people.

YRB: We’re you ready for the criticism you received?
Amber: Oh totally, yeah. I knew getting into it that I was going to deal with criticism. I’ve been dealing with criticism since I first came out. I kind of got used to it by now so it doesn’t really bother me anymore.

YRB: Did you write the song yourself?
Amber: Yes, “Fame” I co-wrote with K-Quick and Fresh to Def from Grand Staff Studios, they’re young and up-and-coming producers. My next single “Loaded,” I wrote the whole song and that will be out in February.

YRB: Why did you choose to have Wiz on the track?
Amber: I recorded “Fame” when Wiz was overseas on tour. I sent him “Fame” and asked what he thought of the song, he [responded], “Oh my God I love it, I would love to jump on it.” Like I said, it’s so appropriate for my life that it just made sense that he would get on it with me because he understands me more than anyone else does.

YRB: Any plans to put out a full-length?
Amber: Album? Totally, I’m working on an album. I’m working on a full album now. I’m taking my time. I want to develop a full catalog of songs and music so I can pick and choose what I want for my album.

YRB: With all the criticism you have received are you worried that people wont take you seriously as an artist?
Amber: They will eventually. This is my first single so I think for a lot of people I still didn’t prove myself yet, but that’s okay it’s not for everyone. I can make five albums and people still won’t listen. Not all music is for everyone to listen to.

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