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Why You Need to Add Birkenstocks to Your Wardrobe

Many will hear the word Birkenstocks and think about hippies in a field of flowers. Birkenstocks are more than just the official footwear of love and peace, they have become synonymous with style and comfort. Everyone should consider getting a pair because there are a lot of great reasons to own them, and here are those reasons.

They Are Comfortable

The shoe is designed to mold to your foot. The longer you wear Birkenstocks, the more they will reshape themselves so they are unique to your foot. That means that you will experience the most comfort you could possibly feel in a shoe. This comfort helps prevent any damage or pain to your ankles, knees, and back. The material also protects your feet from fungus and other elements of nature so that you can wear them for a while and not damage the skin of your feet.

Birkenstocks Prevent the Development of Foot Problems

Because the bottom of a Birkenstock molds to your foot, the sandal provides an extra level of stability that a lot of other shoes do not provide. The added stability allows for your foot to be supported in a way that helps promote perfect foot health. You won’t have to worry about bunions or calluses or any kind of usual foot pain that comes with regular shoes.

Taking care of your foot health today means that you will have less problems when you get older and that will be a huge benefit to you when you are able to move around free of pain.

They Contribute to the Health of Your Foot

In order to painlessly move around without foot problems means that your feet have great circulation, the muscles are healthy, and the joints are free from stress and pressure. Sandals from Staud + Birkenstock cradle your foot in such a way that you get the right amount of support to your foot so that blood can flow freely. When there are no restrictions to the flow of blood to your foot, you will not experience pain.

Good circulation also contributes to healthy muscles and joints and that too will free you from any kind of pain from walking around all day.

Birkenstocks Are In Style

Again, a lot of people hear the word Birkenstock and think of the least fashionable footwear. The truth of the matter is, they are fashionable and they come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures for you to choose from. A lot of people think of the original double strap sandal, but there is way more out there.

Go online and visit the Staud + Birkenstock website and find a wide array of sandals and shoes to choose from.


When you put together both the health and style benefits of wearing Birkenstocks, you will soon see why it’s a no brainer to buy this sandal and have it as a part of your summer wardrobe. You are doing yourself a favor by wearing this style, and it is something to be looked into.

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