Why are mobile phones a huge part of gaming?

We live in a world currently undergoing a digital revolution, where mobile phones play an increasingly big role. Almost everyone owns and uses a mobile phone. It gives us the freedom of reaching out to whoever we want to, whenever we need to. The mobile technology has transformed phones into useful devices used for much more than just receiving calls. This evolution has resulted in enormous and unexpected possibilities for both businesses and private use.

The mobile phone is used for various kinds of tasks, such as bank transfers, hotel booking, and travel searches and more.  All of those things could be done while eating your lunch or waiting for the bus to come.

Simultaneously, we’re witnessing another evolution – one of the online gambling industry. New web-based casinos keep appearing on the Swedish online market. Their growth is bigger and much faster than expected. As of today, it is hard to estimate how many new online casinos will be launched in the upcoming years.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the mobile phone and online casino industries work together quite closely and take advantage of each other. Most of the new casinos are adapted to Android and iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

If casinos do not transform their interface and games into a functioning mobile version, they will lose a lot of money and future revenue. The reason for that is that the majority of their clients actually prefers to play using a mobile device rather than a computer. The mobility provided by a mobile phone gives them the opportunity to play whenever they have some spare time, e.g. standing in a line or during a short break. The flexibility that mobile gaming provides makes the mobile phone an essential part of the casino industry.

Our mobile phone usage

Swedes are keen internet users. The country values being able to provide a faster Internet connection to its population. According to the Swedish Institute of Internet Statistics in 2016, 92 % of Swedish households have a stable internet.

The developments in faster and better internet connections contribute vastly to the development of modern mobile technologies. We are witnessing a mobile evolution that combines innovations and practical solutions in the best possible way.

On average, Swedes spend 24 hours on the internet per week. Almost half of this time is through the use of mobile phones.

Expansion of web-based casinos

Global Games Market Report is a world report showing the current and future size of the games market.

The report shows that, in 2016, the gambling industry generated a revenue amounting to 990 billion Swedish kronas which is 8, 5 % higher than in 2015. Gamers choosing to use their mobile devices instead of their computers are constantly increasing. 21, 3 % of all casino gamers choose to play with their mobile phones. This use has generated a profit of 360 billion Swedish kronas.

This trend is clearly showing the growing significance of mobile devices for all web-based casinos.


Mobile online casinos

iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobiles – those systems are essential for the online gambling industry. The slot machines have gone through an interesting path. First of all, they moved from the elegant casino halls to the web. Afterward, they passed through all kinds of mobile devices. The same process is seen with the general use of the internet. The mode of web browsing has transformed from massive computers to smaller, portable computers, to mobile phones. In order to fully understand how gambling has evolved over time, Vikingslots has published an article about history and evolution of gambling on their website.

The online casinos have adapted their slot machines, bonuses and even customer support to suit mobile devices. Both newer and older casinos aim to be available for gaming on both iOS and Android in order to not lose any users.

Mobile phones are of great importance for the gaming industry, mainly because they have become a huge part of our lives. All businesses aim to create functioning apps in order to connect with the customers and not lose their market share.

The online casino industry is one of the fastest growing at the moment. The future may be hard to predict, but it will almost definitely include an even smoother co-operation between web-based gaming and mobile phones.



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