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What You Need To Get Started With Digital Art

What You Need To Get Started With Digital Art


If you’ve always been interested in art, but haven’t yet found a medium that suits your needs, digital art might be for you. There are a lot of benefits that come with digital art over traditional, the main one being how much you can personalize things. Your whole layout, your brushes, your program – there are so many different applications and programs you can make use of; there are almost no limits on your creativity. Not only that, but you can easily do things over, as no change you make is permanent.

Art tablet

If you’re going to get hands-on with digital art, one of the first things you’re going to need is a digital drawing tablet with a pen. Often a tablet will come with its own pen, and you’ll almost be ready to go. In some cases, the tablet might require you to have a computer to come with it, while with others the tablet can be all-in-one; you’ll be able to get started with just the tablet. The reason behind this is that digital art programs can be quite demanding, and most tablets don’t come with the hardware required to run them.

You should also be aware that every tablet is different. Some have more buttons than others, some have no screens, some have big screens. All of these tablets are viable if you have the correct hardware for them to function, it’s just a matter of personal preference. You can produce great artwork with a small, screenless tablet, just as you would be able to with a large tablet with a screen.

A computer


If you’re going to invest in a tablet that requires a computer alongside it, you should know that not just any computer will do the job. As mentioned before, digital art programs can be quite intensive on your hardware, and you’ll want something with a decent amount of power. You also have to question what kind of digital art you’re interested in. Creating high-definition 2D art might not be the same intensity as creating things like 3D sculptures and animations – so it’s worth a thought before you get out there and buy something.

Illustration software


Taking a look at different illustration software might give you a good idea of what kind of computer you’ll need. There are so many programs for you to choose from, but they can be expensive to get your hands on. The more popular choices like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint can set you back yearly if you want the latest version – however you can pick up older versions for a very modest price if you catch them on sale.


If you’re just looking for something to experiment with, there are free options for you, too. That’s not just limited to 2D art forms, there are free 3D programs also. Krita is a great example of free illustration software, and many professionals out there still use Blender as a means of creating 3D art without cost.


It’s worth knowing that you don’t need a drawing tablet for any of these things, as some have found viable ways to create art with just their computer peripherals – however, it can be very restrictive when it comes to finer details.

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