DW1 6418 - VOLTA Returns to New York for 2020 Edition @voltashow #voltanewyork2020

VOLTA Returns to New York for 2020 Edition @voltashow #voltanewyork2020

 VOLTA New York is excited to announce its return to the city this year, debuting a new location and ownership under Ramsay Fairs

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In addition, VOLTA welcomes its new fair director, Kamiar Maleki, who boasts 15 years of experience in collecting, curating and managing art projects and fairs. VOLTA’s 2020 edition will debut at Metropolitan West, an intimate venue encouraging a more immersive fair. Fifty-three galleries from 35 cities and five continents assemble at VOLTA New York, with a diverse array of solo projects and curated presentations by artists from 22 nations. VOLTA New York’s 2020 edition will take place from March 4-8, 2020, concurrent with Armory Arts Week.

“It truly is an exhilarating time,”

said Kamiar Maleki, Fair Director.

“VOLTA’s new ownership by Ramsay Fairs and moving to Metropolitan West as the fair’s return to the city positions us with the wind at our backs.

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We have focused the exhibitor list to a strong and diverse 50-plus galleries and have loosened up the solo-project mandate to offer participants greater liberty to stage their presentations as they would do so at their home galleries. This all results in a balanced and curated VOLTA New York fair, one built on artistic discovery, as our founders understood and as our 2020 edition attests. I look forward to sharing it with you all.”

Kamiar Maleki was named director of VOLTA and PULSE Art Fair in November of 2019 after Ramsay Fairs acquired VOLTA in October of that year. Prior to joining VOLTA, Maleki directed the Contemporary Istanbul art fair between 2016 and 2018. Under Ramsay Fairs, VOLTA 2020 will also feature a restructured solo-project mandate allowing galleries to present more than one artist and realigning the fair with its core values of discovery, accessibility and personability.

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Ramsay Fairs has shifted the fair-going experience back to its most fundamental point: the artists and their works.

VOLTA 2020 will host a focused blend of longtime returning VOLTA galleries as well as first-time exhibitors. Notably for 2020, several galleries from VOLTA’s “extended family” return to the fair after several years’ absence from participating, each contributing a compelling voice to the boutique art fair and demonstrating their trust and loyalty to the fair. VOLTA’s “extended family” galleries include Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans), Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery (Santo Domingo), Léna & Roselli Gallery (Budapest), The Cynthia Corbett Gallery (London) and The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan). Other returning galleries include Cohju Contemporary Art (Kyoto), Mark Hachem (Paris/Beirut), Galerie Wenger (Zürich) and Charlie Smith London (London).

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First-time exhibitors to VOLTA span the globe and artistic discipline, including strong outings by: Gallery 1957 (Accra), showcasing Yaw Owusu in a solo project built around the young artist’s socioeconomic concerns in contemporary Ghana; Marquee Projects (Bellport, NY), unveiling an installation and re-imagined studio space of the late artist, critic, poet, and performance artist John Perreault; x-ist (Istanbul), debuting new series “Wasteland” by Ansen Atilla, underscoring the Turkish artist’s ecological concerns as we enter further into the 21st century;  and Roya Khadjavi Projects (New York), presenting a focused view on Iran’s contemporary art scene and its cultural Diaspora, with hand-fired painted reliefs by Aida Izadpanah, video projection on paintings by twins Safarani Sisters and mosaic Pop sculptures by Shirin Hosseinvand.

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The full list of participating galleries at VOLTA New York 2020, organized alphabetically and alongside their respective artist projects, follows below:

  • Gallery 1957 (Accra) // Yaw Owusu
  • Art Village Gallery (Memphis) // Tega AkpokonaZeinu MudeserEphraim Urevbu
  • Gallery Bastejs (Riga) // Arturs Virtmanis
  • Black & White Gallery / Project Space (Brooklyn ) // Henry Khudyakov
  • Bo Lee Gallery (London) // Tomas Harker
  • Rutger Brandt Gallery (Amsterdam) // Yigal OzeriCarlos Sagrera
  • C&C Gallery (London) // Zavier EllisMona Osman
  • Charlie Smith London (London) // Emma BennettFlorian HeinkeSam JacksonConcha Martinez BarretoAlex Gene MorrisonBarry Thompson
  • Cohju Contemporary Art (Kyoto) // Ryo Shinagawa
  • The Cynthia Corbett Gallery (London) // Fabiano ParisiIsabelle Van Zeijl
  • Crossing Art (New York) // Feng Qin
  • Gallery Delaive (Amsterdam) // Ayako Rokkaku
  • Susan Eley Fine Art (New York) // Francie Hester
  • Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (New Orleans) // Paul Villinski
  • The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan) // Hiva AlizadehPaolo CavinatoLeonardo Ulian
  • Foley (New York) // Bradley CastellanosKaren MargolisStan Squirewell
  • Galerie Frey (Vienna/Salzburg) // Harding Meyer
  • Galerie Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart) // Yongchul KimRuprecht von Kaufmann
  • Green Point Projects (Brooklyn) // Stefan KrygierLukasz Patelczyk
  • Mark Hachem (Paris/Beirut) // Ghazi BakerHussein MadiWolfgang Stiller
  • Intemperie Art (Singapore) // Javier Murcia
  • iv gallery (West Hollywood) // Sam Tufnell
  • Galerie Roger Katwijk (Amsterdam) // Jae Ko
  • Roya Khadjavi Projects (New York) // Shirin Hosseinvand, Safarani Sisters, Aida Izadpanah
  • Kohgen Divine Art Gallery (Okinawa) // Ain Kohgen
  • KultProekt Gallery (Moscow) // Mikhail Molochnikov
  • KYAS Art Salon (Amsterdam) // Inbar HassonRinus van Hall
  • Anna Laudel (Istanbul) // Ardan Ozmenoglu
  • Léna & Roselli Gallery (Budapest) // BoldiMózes Incze
  • Livingstone Gallery (The Hague/Berlin) // Raquel Maulwurf
  • JD Malat Gallery (London) // Conrad Jon GodlyLi TianbingRobert Montgomery
  • Marquee Projects (Bellport, NY) // John Perreault
  • Mizoe Art Gallery (Tokyo) // Tamie OkuyamaKenpei Yunde
  • Mon Share Art (Milan/Miami/New York) // Daniele AccossatoFabio Giampietro
  • NanHai Art (Milibrae CA) // Kulin He
  • NL=US Gallery (Rotterdam) // Jan Maarten Voskull
  • Abigail Ogilvy Gallery (Boston) // Lavaughan Jenkins
  • PIERMARQ* (Sydney) // Doug ArgueBertrand Fournier
  • Planthouse (New York) // Rachel Ostrow
  • Lyle O. Reitzel Arte Contemporánea (Santo Domingo) // Los Bravú
  • Galerie Richard (Paris/New York) // Young-Hun Kim
  • Sim Smith (London) // Tim GarwoodDavid Surman
  • Space776 (Brooklyn) // Jaena Kwon
  • STOA (Malaga) // Conchi Alvarez
  • TOTH Gallery (New York) // Hector FrankAlain Pino
  • Gallery UG (Tokyo) // Kunihito Nohara, Nami Okada, Takaoki Tajima
  • Galerie Wenger (Zürich) // Katy Ann Gilmore
  • Rick Wester Fine Art (New York) // Cat BalcoTom McGlynnAlyse Rosner
  • John Wolf (Los Angeles) // Bradley Wood
  • x-ist (Istanbul) // Ansen Atilla
  • X-Pinky Berlin (Berlin) // Isabella Sedeka
  • Z Gallery Arts (Vancouver) // Ran Zhou
  • ZINC Contemporary (Seattle) // Ashley Norwood Cooper

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VOLTA New York is back! VOLTA showcases contemporary positions by up-and-coming and mid-career artists with an emphasis on discovery, both for the curious newcomer and for the seasoned collector alike. By spotlighting artists through solo projects and tightly-curated presentations, VOLTAencourages exhibitors to present serious gallery shows, while refocusing the fair-going experience back on its most fundamental point: the artists and their works.

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