volt2 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

The 2023 edition of VOLTA Art Fair returns to New York City today with presentations from over 50 galleries.

The fair takes place at the Metropolitan Pavilion from Wednesday, May 17 to Sunday, May 21.

VOLTA denotes a turn of thought or an inflection point. The fair distinguishes itself with a commitment to creating an environment for art collectors to discover new perspectives that reflect the world we live in. VOLTA serves as the platform for ambitious international galleries to enter the global capitals of New York and Basel. The fair program offers a space for both burgeoning and established collectors to discover the art of now, to connect with galleries, and to grow their collection.

VOLTA New York 2023 edition presents forward-thinking curations that hold a unique and international artistic dialogue.

VOLTA brings together a diverse array of contemporary artworks that highlight female artists and explore a variety of timely themes, including science and nature as well as international and political contexts.

Artwork highlights include:

A multidisciplinary space dedicated to the creation and development of plastic arts, CAM Galería (Mexico City, Mexico) features three Latin-American artists, including Peruvian artist Mariu Palacios. Palacios explores the complex intersection of pain and desire in her work, with each piece representing the evolution of wounds converting to armor and sentimental patches becoming emblems of permanence. The result is an entanglement of thick fog that almost always (re)covers the transformation of what afflicts us into a primary drive.

CAM Galería will also present work by Alejandra España and Daniel Berman.

v323 540x809 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Mariu Palacios, Embroidered Guardians I, 2022. Photography, 47.24 x 70.86 in.


v223 540x528 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Motohide Takami, You(r desire) Ablaze, 2022. Oil and chalk on panel, 63.8 x 63.8 x 1.2 in.

Presented by SEIZAN Gallery (New York), Motohide Takami, a Japanese artist born in 1986, explores the impact of the Great Earthquake of 2011 in his oil paintings. His signature images evoke the Japanese expression “flames on the other side of the river” that examines the ironic human disinterest in tragic events that do not directly impact them.

SEIZAN Gallery will also showcase artwork by Yen Yen-Ju Lai and Asako Tabata.


v123 540x436 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Moses Zibor, Dream Infinity, 2021. Oil on canvas, 51.18 x 62.99 in.

The contemporary African art gallery Out of Africa Gallery (Barcelona Spain) features four artists that bring together their unique history and techniques to showcase African pride, tradition and culture through a contemporary lens. Nigerian artist Moses Zibor‘s paintings aim to capture the essence of human existence and inspire unity through a shared experience and peaceful coexistence.

Out of Africa Gallery will also showcase works by Oluwole Omofemi, Matthew Eguavoen and Mederic Turay.


v423 540x673 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Starsky Brines, La Presa, 2023. Industrial paint, spray paint and crayon on canvas, 57.67 x 44.89 in.

Presented by Galerie Heike Strelowe (Frankfurt, Germany), Venezuelan artist Starsky Brines’ work is centered around the essence of being human. His drawings and paintings feature anthropomorphic characters inspired by his mother who created puppets for Caribbean carnivals. These zoomorphic creations distort reality and move between subcultures, urbanism, and fantasy.

Galerie Heike Strelowe will also present works by Mathias Kessler, Hendrik Zimmer and Dana Sherwood.


Gregory Prestegord Flatiron 2022 Available for Sale Artsy 540x516 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Gregory Prestegord Flatiron, 2022 Oil on Panel 36 × 36 × 1/4 in | 91.4 × 91.4 × 0.6 cm

Stretch Gallery is presenting various works by artist Gregory Prestegord.

Stretch Gallery is a multi-disciplinary Fine Art Gallery that values creative energy, and make moves to take an active part in culture.

v523 540x768 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Ola Rondiak, Unbreakable, 2023. Mixed Media On Canvas, 58 x 38 in

Ola Rondiak’s The War Woman series will be displayed with Alessandro Berni (Perugia, Italy). Rondiak had been living in Ukraine for 25 years, and was in the U.S. on February 24, 2022 when she found herself unable to return to Kyiv. Created shortly after the war in Ukraine began, The War Woman series features drawings in charcoal that reflect the determined spirit of women and their unyielding fight for freedom. The artist uses charcoal as a medium to express and process pain.

Alessandro Berni will also showcase works by Wo Schiffman, Davey Whitcraft, Bryant Small, Temel Nal, Tali Almog, Monique Rollins, Camilla Ancilotto, and John Denis.

v623 540x515 - Volta Art Fair: May 17-21, 2023

Vlad Ogay, Caviar, 2022. Mixed media, 7.08 x 5.11 in.

CUT ART Gallery (Riga, Latvia) presents works by Vlad Ogay, a multi-disciplinary artist with strong Korean roots, who has been honored at the Cannes Film Festival. Ogay’s practice is infused with inspiration from his time in theater school in Moscow, Russia. His “ready-mades,” collages of every day objects and artifacts, will be displayed at VOLTA New York.

CUT ART Gallery will also exhibit work by Gamlet Zinkovsky.

The Volta Art Fair is located at the Metropolitan Pavilion , 125 West 18th Street in New York City.

Wednesday May 17 | 5pm – 9pm

Thursday May 18 | 12pm – 9pm

Friday May 19 | 12pm – 8pm

Saturday May 20 | 12pm – 8pm

Sunday May 21 | 12pm – 5pm

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