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Vitamins and Supplements for Pets: Do They Work?

We tend to take our health very seriously, and as a result, we take the health of our pets very seriously as well. As more people today are taking vitamins, more pets are receiving them as well. With this happening, however, there is a question of whether this helps pets or not.

Like with human nutrition and health, there is no simple answer to this question. Vitamins and supplements for pets both work and cause problems and in different ways. Vitamins and supplements can work to supplement a diet or as pain relief but can cause problems if the pet receives too much of any vitamin or mineral.

Supplementing a Diet

If your pet is not getting the full diet that they need and a few key vitamins and minerals are missing, a vitamin or supplement might be helpful. It’s important to remember that specific pets have distinct needs when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. Whether you make your pet’s food or buy it, if you are concerned that something is missing, ask your vet what needs to be added to your pet’s diet. Your pet’s food should provide most of the nutrients that they need, so be careful to give them just the right amount. Without the proper amount of vitamins in their diet, their health will suffer.

Supplements for Medical Reasons

Many vets recommend that older dogs have supplements added to their diets because of their ages. This keeps their older bodies in better shape and gives them additional nutrients that they need, like senior citizens taking calcium supplements to protect their bones. Also, sometimes, pets have a pre-existing condition and are short on specific vitamins or minerals. If this happens, a vet will be able to prescribe the specific vitamins that your pet needs, without adding anything extra into their system.

Additionally, pets can be given additional vitamins and supplements because of an illness. Some pets suffer from chronic pain. In these cases, there are products like Canna-Pet, the first pet supplement made from hemp. The supplement helps pets with a variety of diseases from arthritis to chronic pain. Canna-Pet can also be used as a longevity health supplement.

When Supplements are Unnecessary

If your pet has no preexisting conditions or diseases, supplements may actually be dangerous to your pet’s health. With a balanced diet, your pet should be getting everything that they need from their food. For example, if a dog has too much of certain vitamins and minerals, they can develop serious health problems. These can range from problems with the skeleton to dehydration. Finally, sometimes supplements can be contaminated, so be sure to look at the ingredients list and do your research to make sure that your dog is getting the vitamins and minerals needed.

For both humans and animals, moderation is critical. If your pet is in need of extra nutrients, vitamins or supplements can be just what the doctor ordered. Otherwise, they can be bad for your pet, potentially causing more health problems than they solve.

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