Visualizing Your Business To Be True To Your Values

Visualization is a key business technique. It allows you to peer into the psychological future and see what might happen to inform how you approach today. Many entrepreneurs use it to imagine themselves in positions of success.

But what does it take? What should you do to visualize your business and be true to your values?

Create A Mind Map

The first stage is to ideate somehow. Many people find using a mind map useful for this situation. Getting all your ideas down on a piece of paper shows you your goals and what will likely come of them.

When you create a mind map, don’t just use words. Add pictures, drawings, and photos to give you a clearer picture of what the future will look like. Make sure you have a customer focus and that everything you cook up serves them.

Add Your Value Stream

The next step is to look for areas in your business where you can integrate your values. Inserting them strategically helps you get your message across and means you’re in a much better position long-term to fight the fight or support a cause.

You’ll want to think strategically about this step. Plastering your values everywhere might be impractical. But it could also be enormously beneficial when trying to sell to particular audiences or enter specific markets.

Your values don’t necessarily have to be the same as society’s as a whole. You don’t have to be “mainstream.” However, it helps to ensure they align with your audience. If they don’t, you risk losing support.

Create Props That Support Your Visualizations

It can be frustrating writing down your visualization in words or keeping it in your head. Memory is fallible and it often changes.

However, creating props that support your visualizations could be a solution. Bringing ideas into the physical world can change how you perceive them and encourage you to pursue some ideas further.

Custom labels printing for products is one potential idea. Seeing what products look like in reality when inside your branded packaging shows you what will confront consumers when they see what you sell.

Another idea is to put up signage in your office. Again, this helps to anchor you and keep you true to your values.

Map The Customer Journey

You might also want to map the customer journey across all touchpoints to ensure it meets the standards your firm demands. You don’t want a situation where customers feel like you’re out of touch or failing to meet their needs. Tracking the journey and everything customers need to do can be an excellent way to prevent this.

While doing this, consider how you can anchor your values into the interaction. Think about what you can do to bring a sense of philosophy and ethics to your dealings. Try to take it beyond a purely economic relationship.

Use A Dashboard

Finally, it’s worth measuring your alignment with your values with a dashboard. Being more visual about it can help you keep tabs on where you’re doing well, and what needs to improve.

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