Useful Tips If You’re New To The Gym

If you’ve just signed up for a fitness gym and you haven’t been before, it can be quite a nerve wracking experience. You’ve just walked in and immediately, it feels like all eyes are on you. Typically, this isn’t usually the case, but it feels like it. Like every step you take is being scrutinised. But rest assured. It’s not that bad. In fact, going to the gym has been proven to be a great way to not simply tone and build muscle, but builds confidence, it teaches you about patience and resilience – you’ll need both of these to be successful whilst there, and they promote better health. Here are a few tips on how you can best prepare for your gym workouts, and hopefully have you feeling confident in yourself.


Talk to Your Instructor

When you first join a gym, a lot of them will offer you an induction, in which they’ll take you around, show you the equipment, explain how it works and what part of your body it works. Make the most of this session. They’ll likely ask you “What do you want to get out of the gym?” Be honest. Tell them what it is you’re looking to achieve: Whether your goal is to bulk up and gain some upper body muscle, or its to tone and slim down a bit, they’ll be able to advise on what you should be doing in order to reach that goal.Most gyms offer Personal trainers, that can create workout plans for you, advise you on nutrition and diet etc, this will come at a cost to you, but if you’re okay with the price it may well be worth it for you, even if its only to get you started. They’ll come with you when you do your workouts and ensure they get the best out of you too.


Don’t Overdo it

We’ve all heard the age old saying “No Pain, No Gain”. Now while this is true to an extent, it’s important not to overdo it. You don’t NEED to lift the heaviest weight you can possibly lift. Pushing yourself is fine, but know your limits. You could end up doing more harm than good to your body.


Wear comfortable gymwear

What you wear to the gym can have a bearing on your workout. There’s no specific dress code, but you probably don’t want to turn up with layers of clothing. Try to invest in some sweat proof clothing. Short sleeves are advised, but you can buy long sleeve wear if you’d prefer. If you want to wear a hoodie (in case you’re a bit conscious), that’s fine, but maybe shop around, and find the best sweat proof undershirt for you.


Everyone is in the same Boat

The gym can trigger a lot of anxiety if you’re new, or conscious about your image, but just remember – everyone is in the same boat. You may have different levels, but you’re all at the gym to do the same thing – be better than you were the day before. If someone’s looking your way – smile back, they might be just as worried as you. And chances are, they’re watching you work, because they respect the hard work you’re putting in.

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