AL2O1103 500x330 - Tutan Reyes Beyond the Boroughs interview by Brana Dane @TutanReyes @dane_brana

Tutan Reyes Beyond the Boroughs interview by Brana Dane @TutanReyes @dane_brana

Interview with Tutan Reyes  By Brana Dane (YRB)
YRB: So, what do you attribute your twitter success to, compared with other NFL stars?
Tutan Reyes:  I don’t know. I guess just being a former athlete, and of course, the nonprofit sector with Beyond the Boroughs.What I’m doing now has opened up so many doors for me. I have a broad reach in terms of my followers – everyone from kids that I mentor, to college students that come through the program, to former athletes, to celebrities. So, it’s a little bit of everything.

Everybody’s on there. The only person that’s not on twitter is my mother and I won’t let her get – (laughing) – a twitter profile.
YRB: How would you describe your personal style?

Tutan: I call myself a plus sized model. I’m kind of like a 300 lbs. Ninja. I’m a big guy, but I think I can dress pretty nicely. (modestly) I clean up well.

AL2O0825 540x360 - Tutan Reyes Beyond the Boroughs interview by Brana Dane @TutanReyes @dane_brana
I’m a funny guy, entertaining. I don’t brag a lot, and talk about myself a lot, but I think that’s it in a nutshell: an all-around good guy.

YRB:  What would you like us to take away from your philanthropic efforts?
Tutan:  Well, we just want to support as many students as possible. Everybody has a struggle. Everybody has obstacles they have to overcome. Everybody faces diversity in life.

The main thing is to support as many students as possible. Get these people through college. Without us and other similar nonprofits, a lot of these students wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to school.
We are trying to help with the fundraiser that we are doing tonight, the SEVENTH ANNUAL NFL draft fundraiser for Beyond the Borough.

If we can help students, one dollar at a time, then we are doing the right thing.
YRB:  Thank you so much!


About Beyond the Boroughs

Founded by veteran NFL player Tutan Reyes, Beyond the Boroughs is a public charity organization committed to bringing bright futures to young men and women through a scholarship fund that rewards students that have a college acceptance letter but have an unmet financial need. As a public charity with 501c3 status from the IRS, Beyond the Boroughs raises money and disseminates as many scholarships as possible each year.

For more information on Beyond The Boroughs, please visit (

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