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There is a highly contagious virus going around called the Travel Bug.  Millennials are highly susceptible to the bug, and spreading it through social media images of exotic destinations and delicious plates of food.  The travel industry is booming because of it, and little known destinations such as Loreto, Mexico are gaining fame. Adventurous types are looking to avoid tourist traps that drain them of their savings.  Once one comes across the right deal and earns their first passport stamp there’s no turning back.  Airline glitches, and weekend specials are causing a shift in the way people look at travel therefore creating opportunities to travel to dream locations.  The only issue travelers face now is securing vacation time through their job as you can find packages as low as $300 to resorts less than 5 hours away. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is one of those scenic locations drawing visitors in from every direction with its all-inclusive packages and schedule friendly travel times.


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Last week I found myself in need of a last minute escape for rest and spiritual healing.  With all of the challenges recently faced, my soul was feeling depleted and my mind restless. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto provided location, amenities, and resources that made a Mexican holiday ideal.  Loreto is located in north-west Mexico, and just under 2 hours by plane outside of Los Angeles.


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As soon as you walk through customs at Loreto International Airport, you’re greeted by resort staff.  Solo travelers can rejoice as the resort has a lounge area just outside of customs. The anxiety of finding your guide in a new environment dissipates as you quickly learn that the resort has a partnership with the local airport.  My Loreto airport experience was the equivalent of having excited family members greet me after a long stint abroad.  While you’re waiting for other guest to get through customs, there is a full airport bar waiting just over from the lounge specializing in tequila shots and specialty margaritas.  Everything was so festive I easily let go of my tragedy of a life in lieu of the thrill of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Mexico.


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Upon my arrival I was presented with my welcome cocktail in a big cup. My eyes lit up like Christmas morning as I had the proverbial “yassss” moment.   My Check-in took all of 3 seconds which consisted of receiving my resort bracelet that served as my room key and access pass to all the bars and restaurants on the property.  For those of you that have better time management skills you can check in from the comfort of your home to bypass the lobby completely.  Once I received my resort bracelet, I was whisked away to my standard room that resembled a presidential suite back in the states.


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Out of curiosity I did have the opportunity to view the actual Presidential Suite; it took up a whole floor and had a private chef.  My room was the size of a large one bedroom apartment complete with full kitchen, laundry room, Jacuzzi, his and her bathroom, and full balcony that wrapped 90% of my space.  To give you a better idea the standard rooms are bigger than most 2 bedroom apartments in New York.

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