Three of the best mobile phone for gaming of 2013

If you are looking to download your favourite casino games onto your
phone, provided by a real online casino site, these would be three of
the very best phones released this year for that purpose.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Many people regard the Galaxy S4 as the best smartphone on the market,
but whether this is true or not, it is certainly one of the best for
casino gaming. One reason for this is the great screen size – a mighty 5
inches – which ensures there is no danger of struggling to see or read
information on it. The fact this screen is also HD ensures that the
resolution is as good as you can get, while the Snapdragon 600 quad-core
processor ensures the phone is fast and powerful for gaming. Finally,
the S4 boasts a more sensitive touch screen than any previous Galaxy
models, so you can even game on it whilst wearing gloves during the cold


This is one of the few smartphones considered to be a serious rival to
the Galaxy S4 when it comes to mobile gaming, and again it is on the
Android OS. It uses the same Snapdragon 600 processor as the S4, but
features a slightly smaller screen at 4.7 inches. This will still be more than big enough for most casino games though, and the image quality
is second to none, thanks to the 468ppi HD resolution. In terms of
memory, it also features an impressive 2GB RAM.


Sony Xperia Z
This comes up just below the latest Samsung and HTC models, but is still
Sony’s best gaming phone yet. It matches the S4 with its 5 inch screen,
441ppi pixel density and 1920×1080 resolution – ensuring super-clarity
for even 3D casino games. However the ‘Reality Display’ technology,
developed in-house by Sony, is not quite a match for the Super AMOLED
display technology used for the S4, when it comes to colour contrasts.
It is also a little slower, with a 1.5GHz processor, compared with the
1.9GHz of the S4, but it still represents a very good phone for sites
like GamingClub.com/mobile-casino
and general casino gaming


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