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Three Healthy Habits to Aid Your Substance Abuse Recovery Progress

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is no easy task; for many recovering addicts, the process could be one of hard work and dedication that lasts for months or even years. After the initial detox or stay in a rehabilitation center is over, recovering addicts must then begin the life-long task of trying to avoid relapsing and slipping back into old bad habits. One of the main pieces of advice given by professionals in this industry is to replace old, bad habits with new healthier ones. If you or a loved one are currently going through the process of recovering from a substance abuse problem, here are some healthy habits that you might want to consider, to support and aid your recovery.

#1. Exercise

Getting plenty of physical exercise isn’t just good for your physical health; it can also work wonders for your mental health and give you a great psychological boost. This is because exercising releases ‘feel good’ hormones into your bloodstream – this is why you always feel great after going for a run or after finishing a workout in the gym. Don’t think that you have to exercise strenuously for this effect to take place – simply getting out for a walk more often can do the trick. You might even want to consider getting a dog – along with being great for encouraging you to walk more, a pet can offer companionship and boost self-esteem.

#2. Good Sleeping Habits

If you are not getting enough sleep at night, then your body and mind are going to suffer for it. This is especially true for those who are currently in the process of recovering from a drug that they may have used in the past to give them a boost when feeling tired or down. Going to bed too late at night will deprive you of a good night’s rest and leave you lacking in energy the next day, something that can seriously hinder your progress. As a recovering addict, getting into good sleeping habits is something that will have been encouraged if you have previously stayed in a rehab center. It’s important to keep these good sleep habits going afterward with good sleep hygiene and a solid nighttime routine.

#3. Socializing

When struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, socializing may have been the last thing on your mind, or you may have chosen to only socialize with those people who were able to help fuel your addiction, for example, friends who you went out drinking with. However, on your road to recovery, you will know just how important it is to stay close to the people in your life who are offering you support and are there for you as you overcome this disease and begin living an addiction-free lifestyle. One important healthy habit to develop is hanging out with people who care about you and taking part in healthy activities, which could be anything from playing a sport to shopping!

These are just some healthy habits that you can use to enrich your new, substance-free lifestyle.


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