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The Slogan Statement


Over the last few years’ slogan fashion has become increasingly popular, gracing the catwalks and particularly loved by the famous. Slogan statements invite us to say what we feel, or at least make people think that we have something to say, leaving others pondering on how they can relate it to our life or theirs. They can be subtle, or they can shout from the rooftops, but whichever, they provide a platform to convey irony and provoke thought. Slogan T-shirts have been used by the young rich and famous to make a declaration about something they feel strongly about, sometimes used to have a dig at someone, or even worn as a political statement such as ‘Stop Wars’.


We have seen every kind of statement adorning items such as T-shirts, hoodies, bags, knickers and swimwear. From maternity fashion, ‘Kiss my bump’ and ‘Bun in the oven’, to fun party fashion ‘Party Queen’, ‘Dance all night, sleep all day’ and the famous simple tee worn by many – Nothing to wear’.

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Celebrities Love Them…


Celebrities have embraced slogan fashion to make a statement about events in their life that are all too often in the press. It’s a way of saying something but not playing kiss and tell. Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan split from The Wanted singer Max George, and there was much speculation as to whether their relationship was on or off. Instead of publicizing her private life, Michelle wore a t-shirt that stated ‘Wild hearts can’t be broken’.


Fashion Statements with a Twist…

When Katie Price and Peter Andre went through a vicious marriage break up, Katie declared to the world that she was standing strong, sporting a slogan top saying ‘Team Katie’. Peter retaliated cleverly wearing ‘Team Children’ showing that his children come first, no matter what would happen with their relationship. Simple fun slogans have been worn by stars such as Pink, as a black t-shirt with bright pink letters saying ‘POP!’. Naomi Campbell even made fun of her history by wearing a hoodie that said ‘Naomi Hit Me’ on the front and ‘And I loved it’ on the back!

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What’s Your Statement?…

Slogan fashion has given us a somewhat alternative to designer wear, making fashion a much more personal, fun and even intimate thing. Some of the best slogan tees available are quirky, fun and amusingly offensive fashion to really make a statement – ‘I’m not a psycho’ and ‘Kicking ass and forgetting names’ are amongst some of the bestsellers on ShopBetches. Whether you want to be smug on the beach with a slogan swimsuit saying ‘My boyfriends the lifeguard’ or you want to join the latest celebrity craze on a night out prettifying a tee that states ‘Time to dance on the table’, slogan fashion is a definite long-lasting trend that you can get some enjoyment out of and that brings a personal twist to your clothes

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