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The Peace of Mind of Home Security: Keeping Your Home Safe at All Times

Your home is precious to you. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it a place you and your family can enjoy. Naturally, finding out that something happened to your home or personal belongings would be devastating news. With threats like burglaries and invasions out there, the only way to protect your loved ones, your home, and the things in it, is to be proactive and take measures that will minimize the chances of these threats coming your way. Below are a few things you can do to secure your home at all times.

1.  Trim the Hedges

One of the easiest ways for a burglar to lurk around your property is behind the trees and bushes surrounding it. If you have a lot of hedges or trees around the windows or entryways to your home, you should consider trimming them down or removing them altogether. This way, you can clearly see if someone is outside of your home, and so can passersby.

2.  Let There be Light

Lighting is a criminal’s worst enemy. The more light is shined on them, the harder it is for them to perform a crime without being recognized. Install lights around the property so it can stay bright at night. Landscaping lights, for instance, are great for lighting pathways and motion sensor lights can be installed near doors and windows. This way, should someone come near the property, the light will immediately shine on them alerting anyone who is around.

3.  Install a Security System

Home security systems can really provide peace of mind. With lots of new technology available, homeowners can have access to their home whether they’re there or not. Though there are independent home security systems that you could install and access yourself, many homeowners like the added protection of a monitoring service on their side. Companies like ADT home security have 24-hour monitoring services for their customers. Should an alarm go off, an agent will contact the property to determine the extent of the emergency. If there is no answer, the authorities are immediately dispatched to your residence.

4.  Be Mindful of the Trash

You’d be surprised how many homes get burglarized because of something that was identified in the trash. When purchasing big-ticket items, you’ll need to be mindful of throwing away the box and wrappers. Things like televisions, computers, and gaming consoles can draw unwanted attention to your home. Throw the boxes out on trash day, or consider condensing the box into a bag so the contents cannot be seen.

5.  Upgrade Windows and Doors

The harder it is for a criminal to enter the home, the less likely it is that a home invasion will occur. Older windows and doors are not as efficient at keeping burglars at bay. The locks can easily be broken and/or the glass easily smashed, creating easy access to the home. If your doors and windows are easy to open or have damaged or inefficient locks, getting replacement windows and doors could enhance the security in your home.

6.  Place Home Security Signs

If you have a home security system in your home, placing signs on the lawn and decals in the windows can sometimes deter burglars from casing your home. Your home security company will often provide you with these stickers during the installation.

7.  Keep Up with Landscaping

A lawn that isn’t cared for can give the impression that no one is home. Though yard work may not be your idea of fun, it is an easy way to keep your home safe from burglaries and home invasions. Mowing the lawn and trimming the shrubs at least once a week should do the trick.

Remember, criminals are looking for easy targets. The best way to keep your home safe at all times is to minimize your risks. By removing ways to hide, illuminating your property, and ensuring that the inside is safe and secure with upgraded locks, doors, and a security system, you essentially heighten the risks for potential criminals, eliminating your home as the target. Though it may seem like a lot of work to keep your home safe, once you’re done, the peace of mind you’ll get from it will be worth it.

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