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The Mental Health Benefits Of The Performing Arts

The performing arts have long been a crucial yet overlooked part of society. Without them, you wouldn’t have theaters, TV shows, movies, music, and so on. It has always been seen as a safe space for creative types to express themselves and truly be who they want to be.

The more you look at this space, the more you realize how mentally rewarding it can be. Many of you are possibly thinking about a career in performing arts – or perhaps just getting involved as a hobby.

You might already have invested in all the skills and equipment you need, such as a fibre camera adapter to convert Convert any 12G, Dual-Link or Quad-Link 4K camcorder to a “4K Live” camera – this is ideal for filming and watching back your performances. Or you might just be starting out. No matter what it is, there’s nothing quite like the performing arts. It really is a fantastic choice, particularly when you consider the mental health benefits of performing arts:

Improves confidence

Taking part in performing arts forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you more confident. You have to perform in front of lots of people, so you learn to battle your demons and overcome social anxiety. Many people have credited performing arts for helping them become more confident people. The confidence you show on stage can easily translate to other areas of your life, making you feel less self-conscious and insecure. There’s nothing like getting up on stage in front of a crowd to help you care less about what people think about you, boosting confidence.

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Creates a sense of togetherness

A lot of mental health issues stem from the idea of feeling alone. This happens all the time, and you can become very depressed as you don’t really feel part of anything. You have no friendship group, and it’s like you don’t belong. Well, as Travis Preston of CalArts says, the community that theater fosters is one of the most enjoyable aspects of performing arts. It really does create a sense of togetherness, making everyone feel part of something. In essence, you never have to be alone and you will form lifelong friendships. This feeling of being in a community can be so beneficial for your mental health. You know people are looking out for you and care about you, making it easier to fight your inner demons and stay positive.

Provides an emotional release

Another huge benefit of performing arts is that it gives you such a big emotional release. It is terrible for your mental health to hold onto your emotions and keep them bottled up inside. In fact, it’s awful for your physical well-being as well! Not releasing your emotions means that you have so much stress and unreleased feelings just building up inside. It can keep you up at night and make it so hard to live every day. Performing arts gives you this release as you can pour your emotions into your performances. How many times have you seen someone sing their lungs out or throw in the best acting performance ever, leading to an emotional ending? It’s a chance for you to release your emotions when you find it hard to do so in other settings, giving you such a mental lift.

No matter how you look at it, performing arts is good for your mental health. It can bring newfound confidence, reduce anxiety, give you an emotional release, and make you feel part of something special.

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