The future of casinos: what advancements could we see?

The gaming industry is one that continues to flourish, largely down to the fact it’s constantly evolving. With advances in technology and trends we all look to follow; the future of casinos looks stronger than ever before. Findings from Statista show that between 2010 and 2018, the worldwide gross gaming yield was on the increase, with the Americas and Asia leading the way. Whether you like the tradition of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, or prefer the convenience and ease of playing at an online casino like:, here we will take a look at the kinds of advancements we could well see in the future.


You’d be forgiven for not knowing exactly what a cryptocurrency is, as although the first form was released by Bitcoin in 2009, only over the last couple of years have they become more popular – with over 4,000 alternative variants (or altcoins, as they’re known) currently on the market.

In short, cryptocurrencies are a digital form of tender; they can be used to purchase products or services that accept and support those kinds of payments. They’re seen a reasonable investment, with one Bitcoin currently equal to over £4,000 – but like all currencies and investments, the price can rise and fall at any time, so there is a risk.

There are already crypto-coin casinos online, but there’s no doubt that over time, these will grow in popularity and eventually even rival online casinos. In fact, crypto-coin casinos could well be a safer option, as transaction information is encrypted at all times and gamblers needn’t worry about their personal details being passed around or hacked, as players remain anonymous. All you need is a user name and password. Similarly, there is no middle man (i.e. your bank) and this in turn, reduces the transaction processing time, say for example, withdrawing funds.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has taken off in recent years, through brands such as Samsung and Sony; however, it’s yet to really peak in the casino industry. Like all new trends, it needs time to be introduced and tweaked – so, while at the beginning gamers may have to contend with lesser-quality graphics and other potential technical difficulties, the advancements will be well-worth it.

Some examples may well include gamers being able to immerse themselves in casinos, operate slot machines and communicate with other players from the comfort of their own homes. Similarly, virtual reality bingo halls and racecourses could even be a thing – and players again, will be able to communicate with others and fully immerse themselves into those experiences, as if they were really there.

Robotic Croupiers

First, we saw electronic check-outs at supermarkets replace human staff. Then we saw self-serve boards at fast food outlets. So, it’s only natural that the casino industry follows suit. Of course, Asia are one step ahead of everyone else and have already produced its very own robotic croupier prototype.

Min was the brain-child of Hong Kong-based gaming manufacturer, Paradise Entertainment, back in 2016. The idea was to create a robotic concept that can fulfil the role of a croupier, so is capable of shuffling and dealing cards, interacting with players and effectively, running the game.

While robotic croupiers may not completely wipe out their human counterparts, if the advances are deemed successful, there’s no reason why robots cannot take over the casino world.




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