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The 3 Best American Cities for Eco-Friendly Cat Owners

What qualifies a city for being one of the best for environmentally minded individuals who also happen to be cat owners? Several things. It’s important that the city has access to renewable energy, high-quality outdoor spaces, and locally grown food. Even if your pet isn’t an outdoor kitty, these factors will contribute to their ability

Dallas-Fort Worth

Texas was one of the first states to deregulate their energy market and make it possible for clean energy companies to thrive. Little Elm is a quiet residential suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that has been gaining popularity with individuals who want to be close to the urban centers but still have the ability to feel removed from the chaos. The power to choose Little Elm electricity providers has given the average person the ability to take a stand on the source of the energy they use on a daily basis.

The Dallas area is not all skyscrapers and concrete. It is home to one of the most substantial systems of municipal parks in the country. The area has more than 20,000 acres of parkland divided into just over 400 separate parks. Then there is the nearby Arbor Hills Nature Preserver which takes up more than 200 acres and the River Legacy parks that are spread out over nearly 1,300 acres. If you want an urban experience with substantial green areas to explore, this is one of the best locations.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has numerous restaurants that offer residents a farm to table experience they can feel good about. Some of the restaurants supporting this movement include Texas Spice and The Kitchen Table. The evolving food scene is making this eco-friendly practice one of the hottest trends in Texas.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Florida, recently formalized a decision to become the first city in the state to commit to zero waste and 100 percent clean energy. This is a major step forward for the city and the state as a whole. The initial stages of the project is to be funded in part by the settlement the city received from the BP Oil spill in 2010.

Green Spaces are an important part of the St. Pete vibe. The city has a large system of parks and preserves for residents to explore. St. Petersburg has more than 2,000 acres of parkland spread across about 140 parks. Many of the parks are adjacent to the beautiful waterways of Florida and include fitness trails, playground areas, and picnic spots. There are also three nature preserves in the area, including Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Clam Bayou Preserve, and the Weedon Island Preserve.

The Saturday Morning Market is often described as the heart of the city. It is typically hosted at the Al Lang Stadium parking lot, except for the weeks around the Grand Prix. This is far more than a standard farmer’s market. There is live music, exquisitely prepared food, crafts, and of course locally sourced produce. About 10,000 people gather each Saturday for the community and to explore offerings of local food and talent.


Washington state has a clear commitment to clean energy. They have a clean energy fund that helps facilitate the development of green energy technologies that make it possible to reduce energy expenditure and cost as well as limiting emissions and promoting energy independence. They also have a robust grant system for solar energy and energy efficiency endeavors.

Seattle is very committed to their green spaces, and are in the top ten of cities in the nation for urban forests. In part this is a reflection of the foresight of city planners a century ago that hired the Olmstead brothers to create a comprehensive park system. The resulting park system has created a network of parks that put community green spaces within walking distance of most Seattle residents, including a 20-mile span that connects many of the parks.

Chemical free gardens and organic food is an important consideration for residents of Seattle. Not only does the city boast a large organization of farmer’s markets and a environmentally friendly foody scene, it also has a robust herbalism, wildcrafting, and foraging community.

If you want to move to a city that has made the environment a priority, these should be taken into consideration.

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