Take Casual Dressing to the Next Level

Casual dressing has become a lot more popular since the pandemic when people did not need to dress up quite so often and discovered the joy of comfortable fashion.


So, a lot of us have a lot more casual clothing in our wardrobes and we love wearing them for the comfort value, but sometimes, we want to dress up our causal outfits a bit more so we can keep the comfort, but look a little less comfortably dressed.


Below are some simple tips to help you take your casual dressing to the next level for comfort and style guaranteed.




One of the easiest ways to take casual dressing to the next level is by accessorizing. Whether you’re wearing basic jeans and a t-shirt or yoga pants and a hoodie, wearing a bow in your hair or carrying a cute purse and make all the difference in how put together you look. You could even go for a custom cap from Cap America if you want to look a bit more unique and like you have made more of an effort. Jewelry is good too.


Layer it


If you want to look great in your comfiest clothes, then layering is a good way to do it as it allows you to experiment with lots of different colors, textures and styles in the one outfit. Wearing a biker jacket over a plain t-shirt and jeans with a scarf on top will always look less slobby than a plain hoodie and jeans, for example. Layers show that you have put some thought into your causal outfit so use them wisely.


Do your hair and makeup


Doing your hair and makeup is a really effective way of making your casual outfits look dressier, You can be as comfy as you like, but if you have your mascara on and your hair curled, it will still look like you have made an effort.


Make sure it fits


It might sound strange to think about ensuring that your casual clothes fit you well, but you will look 100 percent better if your jeans are fitted or your jacket is just the right level of snug, Oversized hoodies and t-shirts might be comfy, but they can end up looking a little slobbier than you intended.


Wear statement shoes


If the rest of your outfit is very casual, then wear a really great pair of shoes the kind of shoes that people lust over, and make sure they are clean, bold and eye-catching and people will know you have style even if you’re dressed down.


Try something different


If you usually always wear yoga pants with a hoodie, try wearing them with a floaty tunic instead or if you always swear jeans with a baggy band t-shirt, try wearing the with a cute little camisole instead. The more you experiment, the easier it will be to put together casual outfits that don’t look too casual at all.


Now, you can be comfy and casual and look amazing doing it too.

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