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How does it stand up to what is on the radio now for adults?

Ingrid: Well, there isn't much on the radio for adults these days — anything good that is.  So, in that sense, its far superior.  My question is:  Will we ever get to hear it on the radio? 


Is the album too much for radio?

Carmelo: The album is definitely not too much for radio, but that depends on who you are asking, and what they consider radio. What format is this album expected, perceived, or desired to fit in to?

Does that format exist on the radio in my area (NY Metro)? The music on this album would most likely only be played on the Black R&B (107.5 WBLS FM) station in my area.  However, there are tracks on this album which fall into to the Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Ballad, Dance, Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary R&B, Urban & Rhythmic, Rock, Rock Alternative, Easy Listening, and even Folk formats. It basically depends on whose categorizing the music and how so.

If the record was a shade or color, which would it be?

Ingrid: In terms of color, like I say, I'm picking up on a "psychedelic" thing, so perhaps a colorful velvet, patchwork type thing (burnt orange, purple, gold, blue)… Did I take it too far? 🙂

Carmelo: I've written in it. Mood Indigo.


Editor's note, but then Carmelo revisited the questions:

Carmelo: PS…

We've long judged albums by how many tracks we like for the $10-15 of a cd. So, I officially found it worth "my" money. Fave trax:

1. West Side Girl
2. Winning Hand 
3. Astray
4. Lost for Now
5. Never Be The Same
6. Butterfly

Six (6) trax, unfortunately, is a big deal in this day of $15, two (2) worthy tracks albums.  Listening to it again, though, I find that I was reaching a lil by saying it was not too much for radio. Though I think it can be on the perimeter of many genres, but commercial radio will not see it that way.  I thought commercial success would be difficult to achieve but Bilal's #1 spot on the Billboards proves fan love can make it a success.

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  1. This song is definitely an example of Bilal Unfettered… I have always loved his music (maybe not EVERY track)  none-tha-less, he always brings a grown and sexy vybe along with something to think about in his albums.   It could be that I am biased but  I think anything can be radio worthy… Just look at the garbage that gets airtime now (sorry mainstream lovers), would it be allowed to get that mainstream air play is a whole other story…