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#STYLEWATCH: Where Are You From Apparel

Think about the last time you met someone new…it probably went something like this…

What is your name? What do you do? Where are you from?

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Casual Street Wear Tops

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3.  Theme of Current Collection:
“Where Are You From” shirts are about the connection between the individual wearing the shirt and their community. We intentionally used area codes and airport codes because cities and countries are officially identified with a set of numbers.

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These numbers indicate the location of a place on a map.

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Area codes and airport codes are unique and yet they are used in every single city and country – they allow the world to be connected through instant recognition that each number identifies a community of people with shared bonds, just like “Where Are You From” shirts do.

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4. Brand Customer:

Women, Men, and Children who want to represent their hometown.

5. What sets you apart from the rest?

“Where Are You From” shirts allow people to express a core aspect of their identity, be proud of their upbringing, heritage, and community, which is tied to where they are from, and to bond over this pride. The T-shirts also act as conversation starters and bring people from different communities together, to create a connection that otherwise might not take place.

For additional information please visit whereareyoufrom.us

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