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#StyleWatch: Upgrade Your MacBook Pro’s Style With A Skin

Think of how great the MacBook Pro Retina 13 looks straight out of its box. Its slim, smooth body is the ultimate in cool. Better yet, you know that it houses some impressive processing power and amazing apps. But since this is a laptop meant to be taken everywhere you want to work or surf the web, it’s unlikely to maintain its beautiful figure. Real life application will threaten scratches, nicks, and even grime that take away the stylish look of a Pro Retina. Thankfully, you can preserve its good looks and protects its processes with a skin.

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Like your own skin, a skin for the MacBook Pro Retina 13 is a thin but incredibly durable layer that is added to the outside of your laptop. And just like the epidermis covering your body, a MacBook Pro Retina skin fits perfectly over the computer. It covers the hardware of the Pro Retina as if it was always meant to be there.That’s because it’s made out of precision-cut 3M vinyl that can hug every curve of your MacBook. And since it’s made out of this sturdy vinyl, it offers unbeatable protection without adding weight or inches to your computer. Its slim design complements the razor-thin dimensions of your computer. It’s also responsive enough that you can apply it straight onto the Force Touch trackpad without sacrificing any of its sensitive capabilities.

Unlike your own skin, a MacBook Pro Retina skin can be removed. This makes it incredibly easy to match your MacBook to your evolving style. For the days that you feel like you need a punch of colour to augment the boring Apple silver, then you have your choice of primary and secondary colours; for those days that you need something more sophisticated, then there’s a variety of polished textures that add a sense of class to your device.

Style and protection doesn’t have to come at the cost of your bank account. You can find durable and fashionable skins for your MacBook by visiting the “boss of vinyl”. For less than $50, dbrand allows you to outfit your prized laptop with the best looking, protective coverings on the market. The MacBook Pro Retina 13” skins from dbrand look great and provide the ultimate protection against scratches, dents, and nicks. They also protect your touch pad from disgusting grime that can interfere with its sensitive surface.

With a MacBook Pro Retina skin, you can take your laptop anywhere without worrying about possible damages affecting its look or capabilities. The strong 3M vinyl material protects everything that made you buy the Pro Retina 13” in the first place.


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