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#StyleWatch: The Revival of Vuarnet @Vuarnet_USA #Sunglasses

Vuarnet, the famed sunglass brand established in 1957, is re-releasing the models that have marked its history, including the GLACIER model. These additions to the 2015 Winter Collection tell a story of extraordinary craftsmanship and technological ingenuity.

VuarnetLogo2011Large 400x400 - #StyleWatch: The Revival of Vuarnet @Vuarnet_USA #Sunglasses The reinvigorated GLACIER model, with its aviator design combines Mazzucchelli acetate and ultra-light metal with inserted rubber in an unprecedented way. The work on its side shields and its leather strap are reminiscent of the original model and give them a more contemporary feel.

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The model is available in Cold White and Matte Black. Worn both in the city and in the mountains, the GLACIER model combines elegance and technology.


Vuarnet Translucent Clip-on Sunglasses

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The VL1406 is an urban model, with a rock inspiration. It echoes the Panthos shape and it is dedicated to a young and unisex target thanks to its rounded shape and to the end pieces that uplift the glasses, with stronger colours: black brushed, camouflage and white grey

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Founded by French opticians in 1957, VUARNET offers timeless and contemporary products that are recognized as the highest-quality optical sun protection known to man. Since inception and to date, VUARNET owns a lens production facility in France and provides uncompromising optical excellence.

For more information please visit Vuarnet.com 

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