SW LOGO1 550x330 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest

#STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest


December 2015.

I met Creative Director Mykel C. Smith through Instagram looking to intern with him.

He has been in the industry for at least 20 years and upon meeting him , I showed him my work at that time, which was just a hoodie that I had designed and he was floored.

From there  he agreed to take me under his wing and mentor me. We had a sale and press event at the AKA HOTEL PENTHOUSES.  I sold out at $100 a pop and we received some really great press.

The rest is history as they say ….


Chic Ready to wear Mens Wear

DSC6426 540x809 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest

DSC6299 540x809 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest

DSC6261 540x809 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest



Flavors of Ninety’s Pop / Rap and the Amalfi Coast

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We are looking forward to dressing young fashion forward individuals and rising stars.

Its a very young brand that crosses all demographics:  models , sports figures , celebrities and your average college kid that likes to dress in a nice way to feel separate but inclusive.


DSC7239 540x809 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest

DSC7141 540x809 - #STYLEWATCH: Murray West @mykelcsmithcrea @j_scott_photo #MurrayWest


What sets you apart from the rest?

We are affordable with a luxury feel. The patterns , the colors , the way we design with pocket zippers, just has a simple wow factor. I don’t think about it when I am designing , I really don’t design for myself.  At first it started that way and now just see what is needed and I design that way or what inspires me it might be a color , or even a twig on the street . I just want our clients to feel special when they wear our designs.


Photos by: Joshua Scott


For more information visit MurrayWest.com


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