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#StyleWatch: FreeMen By Mickey @mickeyboooom #FreemenByMickey

Freemen By Mickey

YEAR OF INCEPTION: Founded in May 2016 by fashion stylist, Mickey Freeman

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APPAREL CATEGORY: High Fashion/Luxury Streetwear


The theme of the current collection, “Through The Wormhole” collection by Freemen By Mickey, represents the link between the future and the past.

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A warped link in the chain of events mankind knows as the space/time continuum; which oddly serves as our strength, and only hope for survival. To reverse the imminent extinction level event of year 2925.

The traditional Scottish kilt is reimagined and reworked, not to be a mere garment, but a meta-universal vessel. Earth is now but a dystopian wasteland long ravaged by the self inflicted onslaught of fossil fuels.

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Our only salvation lies in the kilts metallic grommets, only through which time travel is possible. The space from A to B becoming sharply pleated like the garments themselves, proving inspiration is like time and space, a repetitive loop.

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BRAND’S CUSTOMER: FreeMen garments are meticulously crafted for the ‘citizen of the world’, with a genderless approach.


FreeMen by Mickey represents the evolution of the masculine silhouette. FreeMen by Mickey is the exterior manifestation of what Mickey believes should ultimately come from within Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.


For more information visit FreemanByMickey.com

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