SW LOGO1 550x330 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

#StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC



2. APPAREL CATEGORY: lifestyle sneakers

3.THEME OF CURRENT COLLECTION:  Project Cobalt x Fila 

unnamed 6 540x360 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

The sneaker was created with Fila for Project Cobalt, a collective that accelerates the  activities of creatives in film, fashion, and technology. Project Cobalt wanted to recognize individuals who were instrumental in the sneaker culture in their region but often unrecognized. They paired up with Fila to spotlight these individuals efforts in the form of a sneaker.

20151030 1713311 540x248 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

I was asked to be a part of this collaboration because of the work I do on Instagram with my Dailydoodles.

11429692 791552957631402 314644606 n 540x540 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

10387839 1607094266213640 1661171959 n 540x540 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

Each day I deliver a unique hand drawn “daily doodle” that covers current events and pop culture with my own little twist. With Frank Cooke as my subject, I was tasked with taking elements of his life at the time and concepts of sneaker culture and creating a tattooed sneaker that encapsulated a piece of east coast sneaker culture.


20151029 2105281 540x488 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

20151030 171406 540x572 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC


This is for the true fans of sneaker culture who are in search of  product that has a genuine narrative.  They actually want to journey down the rabbit hole and learn more about the project.  An investigation of the subject and the different images that make up the tattooed mosaic of the sneaker will unlock dozens of Easter Eggs for sneaker enthusiast.



11327366 886998571391141 133186581 n1 540x531 - #StyleWatch: Frank Cooke x @FILAusa for @ProjectCobalt @PelNYC

My personal brand is simply about intelligent creative design whilst having fun. I think mediocrity is a sin to creativity.  It is important to me that what ever I design must be able to evoke thought, engage a discovery of subtle detail or prompt conversation. As an artist I’m been fortunate enough to apply my art and graphic sensibilities to a wide array of canvases.

From oil paintings and hand drawn works like my Daily Doodles, to commissioned work for fashion brands like Uniqlo, Diamond Supply and Joseph Abboud. If anything the prolific nature and the variety of forms that I express my art is probably what sets me the most apart.

My hall mark is “Please Enjoy Life Nurturing Your Creativity”.

Recent Activity:“We Were There”

Photos by flamekeepershatclub and PelNYC

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