akira antares mines turret asteroids - Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space


akira antares mines turret asteroids 540x337 - Star Trek: Infinite Space


Attention all TREKKIES – or gamers who like free online games! Gameforge is releasing a new title on PC/MAC later this year titled Star Trek: Infinite Space. This highly advanced online game is packed with Star Trek material, which will be sure to excite anybody with a soft spot for the franchise.

In the game you are required to fulfill different roles, including the role of a captain of the Federation or of the Klingon Empire. You must manage the ship as you are flying in vast space with enemies defending their territories. There is also a deal of interactivity with other players, where you can chat, make friends and, best of all, engage in battles against each other.

Unfortunately, you won’t be playing this on any of your gaming systems, but you can get down on your computer’s web browser and, even better, there’s no software download or subscription required. The best part is the awesome 3D graphics used, which blow any other web browser game out of this planet!

Check out www.startrek-is.com for more info.


– Oscar Palacios


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