Her debut album, which is being produced by DJ Two Stacks (who helmed her song “Gucci Gucci”), is on its way, with hopes of also putting out a mixtape with White Girl Mob, her group that consists of V-Nasty and Lil Debbie. “I think if we all sat down and worked on something we could all, you know, freak out on the mic together,” she says. “They’re definitely important, ‘cause that’s where all my strength comes from. You know, if you ain’t got your people, what you got?”

Kreayshawn definitely has a full plate with what’s to come in the next year, but to her, the biggest tasks on the docket are finishing the album. “We’ve had some studio time, so we’ve definitely gotten some work done but, you know, it’s been a lot more travel and press than studio time,” she notes, “but we’ve definitely got the whole production going down.”




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