Spirit of Giving: YMCMB

As we get ready to partake in the Holiday season, we want to acknowledge the pioneering efforts of none other than that of YMCMB Records (Young Money Cash Money). For the past sixteen years Ronald "Slim"Williams and Baby aka Birdman have conducted a Thanksgiving Turkey GiveAway. As with anything the more you continue to do something it only gets better, and by far this has been the best year yet!! This year the residents of New Orleans were not only given the full ingredients for a Thanksgiving Day feast: turkey,Jiffy corn muffins,gravy,cake mixes,starches,vegetables,stuffing,cranberry sauce, and Arizona Ice Tea,but there were free health screenings for all. Children were entertained with various video gaming stations and multiple bouncy Magic castles. So often the genre of hip hop and its musicians get a bad rap for so many other things while exceptional moments as these tend to go unmentioned. We want to say job well done Young Money Cash Money, and keep doing what you do. We notice!



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