Small Screen’s Sexiest Summer Sensations

Photo: Lesley Bryce


As far as child actors go, Tyler Posey is one that has turned out with a good head on his shoulders and the potential to take his career down a long and prosperous path. Having been born into a family of Hollywood and musical talents, the Southern California native began his own career at a very young age (you may remember him as Jennifer Lopez’s son in Maid in Manhattan once his father, actor John Posey, got him into the audition room. “It’s kind of all I know,” the 20-year-old says. “I think it’s the perfect way to do it ‘cause starting things young helped get me used to it, and I think it’s good to have kids start things really young, like music or anything.” Despite his early start in show business, Posey has just recently been recognized as a breakout star for his lead role in MTV’s Teen Wolf series, a revision of the 1985 classic film. Once securing the part as Scott McCall, Posey made sure to make it his own and reveals he actually didn’t watch much of the movie adaptation in an effort to keep it out of his head. “We have such a completely different show than the original movie, I didn’t wanna take too much from that. But I kept Scott’s innocence from the original movie. Scott is just a good kid who wanted to fit in, a funny, innocent kid… I didn’t really study the movie or anything, so I just tried to make sure that whatever I did wasn’t exactly the same as what Michael J. Fox did, which he did a great job, so it was kind of hard figuring out something else to do.” Interchanging from ordinary high school student to werewolf hasn’t posed a problem for Teen Wolf’s leading man so far, and neither has switching gears from actor to musician. During his off-shooting schedule, Posey fronts his four-piece band, Lost in Kostko, with vocals and guitar skills. Currently not signed to a label, the band is still releasing music on iTunes and performing to large crowds at venues like The Roxy in L.A. “I have the best time when I’m on stage and playing with my band,” Posey says. “It’s such a good feeling. I like to call it happy punk ‘cause it’s not really crazy, it’s fast-paced music kind of, but it’s catchy and melodic. It’s like Blink-182. They’re my favorite band and I grew up listening to them every single day.” Whether he’s on set or on stage, Posey is determined to keep busy, and for the second season of Teen Wolf he assures fans will continue to get “whatever they liked in the first season times a thousand.” With three Teen Choice Award nominations, the series has hit the mark on the vampire/werewolf/supernatural wave. “[Season 2] has just got way more action, way more fighting scenes, way more romance, new characters, more twists and turns. The writing is phenomenal, and there’s more blood and naked Holland [Roden]. Colton [Haynes] is naked quite often in the season, too, but I had my shirt off less this season than last season, so I don’t know if it’ll push me out of the way or what. “I really like the direction [Scott’s] heading in the second season. He’s way more confident and mature and kind of takes on his powers and wants to use them for good, kind of like a little superhero… Maybe next year he’ll have a cape or something.”

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