Shrink Wrap Media 500x330 - Shrink Wrap Media Episodes @akabionicmark @officiallyice @mal___ @sophsaproblem @thatssowilma #shrinkwrapmedia #podcast #nyc

Shrink Wrap Media Episodes @akabionicmark @officiallyice @mal___ @sophsaproblem @thatssowilma #shrinkwrapmedia #podcast #nyc

Welcome to Shrink Wrap Media, a refreshing cocktail of Pop Culture, Sports, Music, Fashion, Relationships, Sneakers and relationships with Sneakers.
Join us weekly for humorous discussions and insight interviews with celebrities, tastemakers and social media personalities.
Chill with us on your way to work-  you’ll wish your commute were longer.



Box Office ep 5

Box Office ep 4

The Cosign: @akaBionicMark interviews Rocker @TommyRockstar

The Cosign: @akaBionicMark Interviews Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters’ Taylor Coleman

The Cosign: @akaBionicMark Interviews New York Giants former Running Back Coach Jerald Ingram

The Sole Men Ep. 1: @NoreDavis & Derek Gaines interview Sole Chasers @Toneofmyvoice &Allen Kinard

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