Shinju Japanese Whisky @shinjuwhisky

Shinju, which means pearl, was born from the slopes of the great Mount Fuji.

It is the highest and most sacred mountain in Japan.

The whisky is sourced from our distillery on the southeastern flank of Mount Fuji in the Yamanashi Prefecture.

The sacred mountain is the sole water source used in its creation.

Shinju is a double-distilled blended Whisky.

An elegant, well-balanced expression with a waft of honey, orange, and vanilla accompanied by a hint of herbaceous notes and light oak.

In 2021, Shinju Whisky LLC will introduce The Black Pearl Edition.

A Pure Malt aged eight years in a limited-edition bottle with artwork inspired by Yasuke, the real Afro Samurai.

Shinju is featured in our Summer 2021 Issue  and available at Bed Vine, and

Shinju is different. Shinju is for the ADVENTUROUS. Its quality allows you to sip it. Not for the turmeric latte drinker (with oat milk).

This is for those who choose to walk on the wild side. A throw to the past and a pitch to the future.

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