Shantell Martin and Joya Studio: A candle collab inspiring peace and self-reflection

Multimedia artist and philosopher Shantell Martin’s hottest and newest collaboration is a limited-run edition of Joya glass votive and XL porcelain candles.

As a perfect complement to Shantell’s meditative line drawings, her personally designed and signed Joya candles will calm and ground with their beauty and scent.

“What do creatives need to stay creative? We need the comfort to get in the zone, the space to create, and the freedom to let our intentions flow. I believe the road to embarking on a creative journey should first begin with a positive intention. And that’s where these candles come in. I wanted to create a gift that encourages clarity and focus, whether for yourself or others. The large candle burns for 100 Hours, the classic candle approximately 50 hours – each designed to help create a sense of calm and dedicated time to focus on a project or large task at hand. The scents begin with cyclamen and shaded green tea and take you through multiple layers, but ultimately finish where they start. My wish is that these candles can burn in the background during your creative process, much like a playlist, invigorating your senses and bringing you back to self.”

Shantell Martin

Developed with Shantell’s input, the candles are scented with notes of shaded green tea, ocean air, heliotrope petals, and vanilla flower.

The adorned candle vessels are hand-poured and made in Joya’s 19th Century Brooklyn rigging garage turned ceramic studio. Each limited-edition vessel contains a very special pouring and layered wax process that allows for two different scents to be smelled when burned. Each distinctive scent is released after a specific lapse of time and helps to indicate a specific mark of time (10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes).


“Our candles felt like a natural canvas or backdrop for Shantell’s sweeping artwork. I think of this as an epic outdoor candle or statement and conversation piece inside that commands attention but doesn’t fit seamlessly into existing decor. As the vessels are cast and decorated by hand, each will be unique and create its own shadows, in a sense. What’s more, the vessel can be repurposed and live a beautiful second life.”

 Frederick Bouchardy, Joya Candle Founder and CEO

The candle collab is available at the Joya Brooklyn boutique

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